Why we plant trees? By Nadhia

The trees are essential to our planet mainly for carrying out photosynthesis. If each thought of planting a tree for life, surely we would be helping a lot to the preservation of life and prospect of a better future.

Planting a tree is a simple action that can greatly help the planet. They absorb solar radiation and carbon dioxide during the day releasing oxygen and water. Moreover, the release of water is extremely important to control the climate moisture.

Several researchers have shown that planting trees favors restoring climate regularity, reduced wind speed, increasing diversity and quantity of fauna in the cities, especially birds, improving acoustics, reducing noise pollution and is a good choice for leisure in parks, squares and gardens.

In addition, the trees are amazing because from them we have foods such as fruits and also can develop products pharmaceuticals. We need to love and care for trees.

Watch the first pictures from this year’s Treelympics in Central Leeward below.

Why we plant trees? By Nadhia
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