We fight today, here, together – Miguel

What are the forces that run the world? What is the military industrial complex? What are the reasons behind the growing gap between the rich and the poor and the real and hidden interests of the international financial institutions, such as the IMF (International Monetary Found) and the WB (World Bank), in the developing countries’ economy?

Understanding The Poor and poverty, its roots, its existence, its causes, requires and asks for a deep travel through the old roads of history. But not the history written by kings and soldiers, by the winners and by the few ancient and wealthy literates; it requires wheeling out those old seeds sowed in the past that today we, the 99%, are harvesting as rotten fruits.

Stories from former Development Instructors

In our school we educate and learn through doing and base our theory in a historical materialist point of view. We educate humanists to become Able, to be active, proactive, creative and leaders. We base our programs on understanding and not memorizing.

At Richmond Vale Academy, we think globally and we act locally, from the communities where our schools are located in and also in the field, where our service periods take place.

In order to be part of the change we set high goals in studies, we organize ourselves around a togetherness and comradeship sense, we build our values in high ethical levels and we see ourselves as able to do everything.

Shoulder to Shoulder

We understand the world´s population is in need: lack of resources, lack of opportunities, of self-confidence, unity, but also lack of food, fresh water, health care, schools and teachers. So we build schools but also teach kids, youth and teachers; we bring water but also systems for collecting it, for cleaning it, for reusing it; we buy and fundraise materials for the bench in the football field, but we mix the cement together, we paint it together and then we sit down and watch the match together. We carry with us our experience and we share with each community what we know, we enrich what we know with their knowledge, we grow together, we find solutions together, smile and laugh, we understand only together we can make a real change. We bring with us pamphlets and examples of how to fight against malaria and HIV, how to protect us from the epidemics, close and simple, door to door and face to face.

We have built a chain of Development Instructors like veins in Ecuador, Belize and Saint Vincent pumped by passion and hard work; and each of them, each link of this chain, each drop of this blood, had sawed a new seed, the seed of the present, the seed of the change that tomorrow, the next link will harvest and share, sitting on the colorful bench of the football field, its sweet fruits that we could not hear growing but we knew they were coming.

We fight shoulder to shoulder with the poor.

We fight today,

Miguel Ángel Rosado

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We fight today, here, together – Miguel
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