Vita-diversity of Richmond Vale Academy

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So have you heard about biodiversity? This little word means literally the different life forms found on the planet, in different ecosystems. Biodiversity is what’s keeping everything together and us – alive. It describes a chain of dependence between various life forms, from microorganisms, plants, small animals and big mammals. As we often teach in the communities of St Vincent, Ecuador and Belize, without biodiversity life on Earth simply wouldn’t be possible.

Ah wat a gwaan? Jak się masz? Ogenkidesuka?

So then, what would vita-diversity be? Easy: That’s the variety of life here in Richmond Vale Academy! Emiliano from Costa Rica made a beautiful movie about that called „Our Language” – you can watch it on our Facebook page. The movie is very poetic and full of emotion, so I thought I would write a little article – pragmatic person that I am – to bring you a little bit closer to its protagonists.

ça va! Bueno! Hǎo!

Richmond Vale Academy is more than a school, more than college – it is a community. A community of people from all over the world, who had come together in the beautiful country of St Vincent, in order to create a change in the world. We are activists, teachers, animators, volunteers, poverty fighters and community leaders. We speak different languages, but at the end of the day we manage to communicate just fine.

Ha en fin dag! Buona giornata! Hebben een goede dag!

We come from St Vincent, Europe, North and South America and Asia. We have different cultures and habits, different temperaments and ways of life. Some of us are loud, singing soca songs at the tops of their lungs, while the others prefer lounging on a hammock and enjoying beautiful Vincy nature. Some like to run and swim, others prefer lifting weights, while yet others take trekks through the Palm Trail. Some of us love working with children, others find more patience for adult public. We are vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers and everything in-between. However, these are small things. Because when I think about it I realise that we have much more in common.

D’akujem. Kiitos. متشکرم

What are some of the things we have in common? Mostly, it’s activism. We don’t like to sit and wait for change, we take matters into our own hands instead! We work hard, both physically and mentally, in order to understand and improve some of the biggest issues of our times. We might be few, but there’s more of us every day. We learn, we teach, we bring our experiences together and build on those foundations. Then we go back home – whether it’s in Georgetown, Denmark or China – and spread the word about poverty and climate change. We become leaders in or own communities. Sometimes though, someone doesn’t go away. Those people stay here, in Richmond Vale, to train future volunteers and activists, while enjoying the Vincy nature from their hammocks. Or singing soca at the top of their lungs. We like both kinds!

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Vita-diversity of Richmond Vale Academy
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