Unsustainable fishing and the Global marine crisis

The World’s Oceans are facing a major destruction in the coming decades due to unsustainable plundering of the global fish reserves. Currently, the global fishing industry is more than 3 times larger than what the oceans can support. To be clearer, people are taking more fish out of the world oceans than can be replaced by the remaining fish.

Unsustainable Fishing in Chile – Photo Credit: Wikipedia

As a result of such an action more than half of the world fisheries are completely drained. More than third is overexploited or recovering from depletion. Only ten major fisheries are responsible for about 30% of world production. As a consequence the survival of smaller businesses is in danger.

If we continue to exploit our oceans as we are doing it today, stocks of all species being fished for food will collapse by year 2048.

Careless fishing has many more negative aspects than depletion of marine life. Often we are not aware of the slaughter of unwanted fish because it cannot be sell as food. Every single year, billions of unwanted fish and other marine animals (dolphins, marine turtles, sharks, seabirds, corals and the list goes on and on) die as a result of inefficient, many times illegal fishing practices.

How is all this possible?  

There are many answers addressing this question.

  • Poor fisheries management.
  • Pirate fishers that do not respect fishing laws or agreements
  • Unfair Fisheries Partnership Agreements, that allow foreign fleets to overfish in waters of developing countries.
  • and Destructive Fishing Practices.
Unsustainable Fishing
Thousands of birds feeding at water surface next to fishing boat – Photo Credit: Wikipedia

What can we all do about it? 

We all have to stop for a minute and think, think where this problem is leading and what we are really facing. Everybody can find the answer in his/her own head if we care about our future, our loved ones, our fellow beings and our environment. We all need to take only as much as we need, and most importantly we need to return back. Even small actions can make a difference and if we all make small changes, the impact can be huge.

Credits: From materials released by Oregon State University (4-19-2010), NOAA, and by CORAL staff.

Unsustainable fishing and the Global marine crisis
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