The shock doctrine – by Jocelyn

The idea of the Shock Doctrine was analyzed foremost by Naomi Klein, who described it as a state that takes place when something happens that is disconcerting for an individual or society, interrupting the narrative or the history of these, disorienting our sense and ability to react to different situations.

The shock doctrine have been and is still used today to implement the most drastic forms of capitalism in various global economies, as was the case of Chile, Britain, USA, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Iraq – among many others. Milton says that the market is capable of regulating itself taking advantage of the freedom of choice of the individual within the supply and demand frames, leaving out and with almost no state involvement, except with the Armed Forces and regulation of possible legal disputes.

We can all compare it to our own behaviors in the state of shock. For example, when I was a child, my parents split, they were arguing constantly, always loud and disruptive. This caused a constant state of fear and caution in me and my sister’s actions, which finally got to he point that I myself begged my father to move out of the house – being only nine years old.

I’m sure that this situation is not the most terrible, while thousands of other children live through nightmares, yet it is one of the closest and personal instances that made me understand how one person can give up their common sense, and accept something completely different from what they would normally want.

Today, I can say that living in the world is a constant psychological state of shock: we are constantly exposed to terrible and shocking news, at all times know realities that we are unable to understand (like death of a child from hunger) – I’ve heard those stories many times, knowing they’re terrible, but only with my soul, despite not being able to clearly understand).

This, as news of mass killings, wars, raw murders, among others, have made me into a person who is unable to assimilate or understand what this all means, and as it’s likely to happen, for me as it has for many before, that constant exposure to mishaps will make me indolent and selfish.

Today, we can assume that a country is exposed to unjustified wars, thousands of children continue to die of hunger, and thousands more are required to work under the worst conditions to feed their families …. and do nothing … That is the worst shock in the world lives … indolence.

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The shock doctrine – by Jocelyn
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