THE END OF A CHAPTER, THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER (when I finish my Fighting With The Poor Program) by Alessia

The last 18 months were a rainbow of experiences and feelings, honestly I never thought I would get through all these challenges, but most of all, that I would face them with such nerve and learn so much so fast. I guess this is part of what people commonly call the school of life.

I expanded my knowledges and overcome many fears. Discovered skills about me I would have never expected.

I experienced love, compassion, anger, fear, pain, disappointment, hypocrisy, false help, passion, sadness, and much more. All part of a process of personal growth.

My vision on the world changed, radically I can affirm, even though from outside I might seem the same, my approach to issues and situations completely switched.

So by consequences my point of view on what I want next, what I want to change in my future are totally overturned.

I know now for sure that what was making me different, my weakness, to the others in my country, in the system, is in reality my strength : a better place is possible, if we act as One, as a collective. And most of all I discovered that I am not alone to share this thought, and that the others are accessible to me, not abstract figures unreachable.

I am lucky, I am born in a loving family, even though we faced hard times, nothing was never missing home. I got the higher education in my family, as my brother. I was offered the freedom to use my knowledge for my future, and so here I am today, the product of my past choices, and I am proud of the outcome. But as I always say its a work in progress, the process never stop!

This experiences show me what I am really good at, and revealed the skills in me to make the difference in a positive direction. I know now I have a mission.

To the question Will I continue working together with The Poor, and in which form and commitment?

I answer positively, affirming that I want to renew this experience and continue to work with communities, where people are not poor (I dont like to categorize, it sounds to me like a sentence) but they live in poor/extremely poor conditions. And the only reason to this choice is because I saw, I experienced, the fact that you can have a real positive impact on the people surrounding you, if you do your job with love, respect and passion.

I want to work for international organizations as a project leader, and use all what I learn to give the best in my next missions.

My future isnt written of course, and what I might decide today might not be what happen tomorrow, but, and I say but, what I am sure is the direction I want to take. I dont want to close my opportunities and possibilities so I try to keep the door as open as possible.

I will face many other challenges once I will go back to my country and apply for a work in what I consider my mission, but I dont worry too much, because they are still many fishes in the sea. I will find exactly what I am looking for, I must be patient and consider carefully the different options, dont rush the brush as they would say in Belize.

I will have to adapt again and learn to work with other people, but this is exactly what stimulates me and keep me away from the boring daily routine a classic job would offer.

The work isnt the only challenge, I will have to change all my food supply system, because as I am now, I am not compatible with what the system provide, I will take contact with local farmers or cooperatives to get supplied in what I cant produce my self in terms of fresh products, and I will look for the best fair products on the market for the rest. What I mean is that there will be a real ethic in how and what to buy, not only the price criteria. As I will keep my self in a healthy life style, doing regular exercises and reduce as much as possible what does damage my body and my brain.

Another tendency to change will be to get informed from the right sources of informations about what is going on around me, around us. To keep updated as much as possible with the last news, because this is something I really miss today.

And at least but not last to approach my life as the most important thing I possess, to cherish it, and ask myself carefully what are my desires about and how to fulfill them at the fullest.

Because we all want Happiness, the difference is how we achieve it.

I like here to conclude on one of my favorites Gandhis quotes

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony

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THE END OF A CHAPTER, THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER (when I finish my Fighting With The Poor Program) by Alessia
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