The Development Instructor Concept

Humana People to People is an international volunteer system. For over 30 years it has been a significant, practical and ideological expression of the “From People to People” philosophy of the volunteer movement. The basic idea of the Development Instructor program is to open the possibility for everyone to contribute to development on the grounds of Solidary Humanism, regardless of nationality, colour, background, race, etc. Solidary Humanism is a concept that binds together solidarity and humanism.

During their time at the Humana People to People development projects, the Development Instructors (DIs) work in groups of three called a TRIO.  They work closely with the people at the project and with the leadership of the project. The DI’s bring new ideas and international spirit to the project. Often the DIs are the ones spearheading new initiatives in the projects.

DIs are trained at, for example, One World Center in USA and right here at Richmond Vale Academy. The DIs are part of the Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with the Poor program. They must complete the first two periods of their program as a condition for signing a contract with Humana People to People.

The DIs are employed by Humana People to People in Belize or Ecuador. Theirtask is to work towards achieving the goals of the project within three main areas: routine work, expansion and big event.

Creating development is about doing what it takes to achieve results and not about what the DI “would like to do”. The DI needs to be able to motivate him/herself to like what is necessary.

Some of the most essential qualities for being a Development Instructor are hardworking, motivation, team work and problem solving skills.

Meet some of the DI’s sharing their experiences

Mahsa, Iran

Bee, South Korea

Maria, Hungary

Janneke, Holland

The Development Instructor Concept
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