The capacity to be happy – Jocelyn

After one month since I have arrived to St. Vicent, I can write about one of the most important things that got to know. Surrounded by the simplicity of the love coming from nature and the love that can comes from the people that I have just met. People from all over the world, who are willing to help, teach and love without even knowing who you are.

Understand, that no matter what you have, what you think or what you do, just for being you, you already have the capacity to be happy… Just breathing, swimming in the sea, interacting with the people and animals and everything that St. Vicent offers you… All that Richmond Vale Academy offers you… The country of St. Vicent teaches you to feel and live.

First step for 18 months I have left to live, searching to be a part of the solution and give all love in each moment, from the beginning only with One Love.

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The capacity to be happy – Jocelyn
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