Valuable contribution of The Angry Sun’s Vincentian Author

The Angry Sun is an environmental book for children that tells the effects of improper leftover disposal and its impact on our planet.

And here, we have the opportunity to count with the amazing Vincentian Author of not only The Angry Sun but of other stories.

The Angry Sun
The Angry Sun’s cover of the book.

Meet Jazey, a talented Vincentian Author that contributes with Richmond Vale Academy.


The Angry Sun and Smile Bright

“I am a Dental Assistant by profession, but writing is my first love.

Also, I’ve been drawn to it as early as my years of elementary school.

So, the love of writing led me to becoming a published Author of two children’s books.

I enjoy writing fictional stories…merging facts with entertainment to deliver beneficial information to my readers.

My first book, “Smile Bright”, is an adventurous dental story that kids can sink their teeth into.

Now, my latest publication, “The Angry Sun”, is a tale about the effects of improper waste disposal and its impact on our environment.

The Motivation of books like the Angry Sun

Everything we do impacts the world around us, and ultimately our planet.

From the food we eat, to the garden we grow, and the trash we throw away…every action has an effect, whether good or bad.

Then, a healthy environment is dependent not only on our sanitation workers, but is the responsibility of each of us.

Hence, it is important that we make smart choices.

And, I am thus deeply honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Richmond Vale Academy in their ongoing environmental preservation campaign.

I wish to take this occasion to express heartfelt gratitude to the Mustique Charitable Trust for their support of the Richmond Vale Academy’s initiative.

And for getting copies of “The Angry Sun” to schools in St.Vincent. It’s an honor to me.

Also, in closing I wish to encourage all to make protecting the environment our daily concern.

Warmest Regards, Jazey.”

Thank you Jazey,

We will look forward to distribute your very important book to school libraries in St. Vincent.

More info to come!

Kind regards from all of us at Richmond Vale Academy.

To contact Jazey: jazeywallace at gmail dot com

Valuable contribution of The Angry Sun’s Vincentian Author
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