“I endorse the program, The Climate Compliance Conference, and wish the best and success”

Dr. Jerrol Thompson,
SVG Government Responsible for  Renewable Energy






“I believe that we should construct a philosophy of nature in order to deal with Climate Change in a national and intelligible way. I welcome the Climate Compliance Conference.”
Clem Derrick, Chairman North Leeward Tourism Association






Uriel Ruiz“Staying and studying at RVA was a really nice experience in my life! Meeting people from all over the world and sharing our culture and background was very interesting. Learning from them, taking clases and teaching at the same time.  After the 6 months course and ready to work in Africa, I was kind of sad leaving that “paradise” place.”
Uriel Ruiz, Africa Team 2008





Richmond Vale Academy

“For the past 3 years Development Instructors trained at Richmond Vale Academy have come to work at our Child Aid Projects here  Ecuador. We are impressed and satisfied with their efforts on the projects. The Development Instructors are well trained, serious, dedicated and hard working. We look forward to continue the cooperation with RVA in many years to come.” 
Holm Hedegaard,
Managing Director, Humana Pueblo a Pueblo Ecuador




Roland Patel Matthews

“The Climate Compliance Conference is a brilliant idea! I commend the Academy for doing such a program. I think it is very beneficial to a small country like ours because it enables us to practice sustainable development which would preserve the beauty and tranquility of what St. Vincent is all about! I especially like the number of young people that are involved and it shows that the future of our country is in good hands. Therefore the program has my fullest support”

 Hon. Roland Matthews,
MP North Leeward Constituency, Parliament of SVG




Sara Petra Pavlacova

“I feel honored to be one of five who were standing at the very
beginning of RVA project! Seeing and being part of transformation of the RVA idea into reality I consider one of the best part of my life!Sending the very first team of Development Instructors to Africa,developing the self-sustainability of the project, seeing wonderful
changes of the students while in the training-all this can never be
replaced by any better memories! Looking at the website, reading reports and seeing pictures of the progress that has been made at RVA in last years, I still feel proud and grateful I have been standing by the cradle of this project! RVA will always be in my heart…” 

Sara Petra Pavlacova,

Teacher Africa Teams 2007- 2009




Richmond Vale Academy “The experience to the social work and the preparation for Development Instructor was a very different experience at least not at all what I think but exactly what I need, the partners, the school, the travels, the food, the loneliness, everything was a point, a step in the stair, I started the program with the idea of help the people, to create a change and development in Africa, but the reality in this point of my life is that was Africa and the people during this year who create development and changes in my life.

 When I arrived to RVA I had my pocket full, my heart empty and an angry face, now I have my pocket empty, my heart full and a smiley face, because this year was amazing for too much the best of my life.


Jonathan Muñoz Aristizabal
Africa Team, September 2011