St. Vincent bans Styrofoam

All Styrofoam products will be banned in St. Vincent from May 1st, 2017.

The announcement was made by the Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves in
an effort to lower the cost of environmentally positive substitutes for
plastics, including Styrofoam, and reduce the effects that plastics have
on our environment. Taxes on biodegradable packaging and food containers
will be removed.

Styrofoam products are made with petroleum, a non-sustainable and
heavily polluting resource. Styrofoam is made from the plastic
polystyrene, which is based on building blocks called styrene monomers.
When you drink your steaming cup of coffee or chicken and rice out of a
Styrofoam plate, you also take in doses of chemicals that leach from it.

Here’s a list of cities in US that have completely or partially banned

New York City
Takoma Park, MD
Seattle, Washington
Washington DC
Miami Beach, FL
Freeport, Maine
Portland, Maine
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Portland, Oregon
Los Angeles Country and St. Francisco

No more picking up of styrofoam trash at our beaches.
St. Vincent bans Styrofoam

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