St. Vincent Experience – by Zdenka

I have never heard about St.Vincent before. How could I? I had been living in a world where the new Apple tools and branded sneakers are the trendsetters and where the money chasing is a 24|7 job. But lot of things has changed since then.

I came to this mesmerizing island with a clear target. I want to learn more. You can learn a lot when you read the books or watch some documentaries, but what you can learn the best from? Yes that’s right, experience . St.Vincent is definitely one of my top experiences so far. Why?

I haven’t had slightest idea what the life in community in the Caribbean could be about. When you hear Caribbean you probably think about bunch of tourists on the white sand beaches drinking cocktails while listening to some local rhythms.. You are more less right unless you would choose absolutely harmonized quite place on one of the greenest tiny islands you can imagine. One of the things that fascinate me here is the nature life. Everywhere you go you see how green and pure should our planet be.

St.Vincent offers you a various scale of social and nature connection. It has its busy places of course such as capitol called Kingstown where you can sneak-peak the local life based on mostly farming as you walk by a lot of street markets so if you are seeking for fresh food You are at the right place since everything is home-grown and tasty. Late nights town gets even louder because once it gets dark everybody come out to relax and have a good time by dancing on the streets or just chilling around. Once in a while I enjoy being in a city but most of the time I prefer the place which I call my temporary home while staying on the St. Vincent. It’s the Richmond Vale Academy.


Never heard about it? All right. Let me take you there for a minute by reading these lines. RVA -as a shortcut in use- is a non-profit organization offering couple of interesting programs such as Climate Compliance 6months experience to keep the world greener, 18months Fighting With The Poor program or some of volunteer varieties to get closer and more familiar with what is the purpose and vision of this place. Simply said: WE WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE.

How? I joined the 18months program for the only reason- I have always wanted to be part of something like this. Not because I am a pure mind with only good intentions willing to help any time because I am not K I came from my own selfish world when the only things I cared about were those connected with how do I look or which were constantly keeping me in my comfort zone. But I didn’t feel fulfilled. I felt quite empty I wanted to change something by starting from the scratch, depersonalized from all those material things, lack of interest, consume life I had been living. I think I came to the right place.

You are probably asking what exactly are we doing here? Well, my program is based on the studies of all kinds for the first 6 months such as why some people are rich and the other are poor, how comes I can buy shoes from famous brands for 150 dollars while the people who make them can barely survive sometimes? Sounds harsh but that’s the way how is the world is nowadays. Why? How can we change that? Is there any way or even possibility to change that? Is there any chance few people like us could do something about it? But why not? And the more we are the better! Sounds like a sect speech for a long-term commitment but what this truly in my opinion is MAKING CHANGE WHILE YOU ARE CHANGING YOURSELF AS WELL by what you see and learn. After six months we go to serve in community in Belize. Those places are very poor and it would be a challenging opportunity for me to see how people could live and be happy about what they have. I am kind of materialist person so for me this whole thing is really a step forward. I have no doubts I will enjoy small things from now on. That’s what lot of people miss. Remember if you don’t value small things you don’t deserve big ones.

Of course do not expect the bed of roses here! Because we live in community we share everything, responsibilities, knowledge, laugh, anger, language, toilette 😀 Sometimes it might be annoying but once you find your own peace your world will completely change. I decided to start here. From what I have learned and enjoyed so far here is that lets just not rush anywhere. Lets enjoy the moment. Lets enjoy the aloneness sometimes. Just you and your thoughts. Lets enjoy the small things you are doing. Do what you feel is right for you. Do not focus on perfection but excellence. Help yourself by helping the others. Learn patience. Smile. Breathe. Live.
Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

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St. Vincent Experience – by Zdenka
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