So what have we done this month?

Activists join The Climate Compliance Conference for six months at the time. We aim to make St. Vincent food, energy and disaster secure.

We just completed period three “Making RVA Climate Compliant!”
by Vaida Gurskyte

  • The Compliance Climate Conference.
  • The ten year program.
  • Twenty teams.
  • Hundreds of activists.

What can be done within two months? And what can be done in a month?

Climate Compliance Conference March 2012 team has just completed the third period of the program – Make RVA climate compliant, which lasted for one month. Evaluate yourself, what we have done – it’s a lot or a little.

The task of this period – Expand and run the garden farm at RVA. Wow. How you do that if you have never been farming? You learn, study, discuss, plan and just do it together! At the beginning our heads were full of questions: what can be improved, what needs to be changed, what should be maintained, what has to done by the next team, what has to be done on a daily basis, what about soil, vegetables, fruit trees, permaculture, plant rotation. We won’t go into details, but every morning we go to the garden we smile. A lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, sweet and hot peppers, rukola, water melons, eggplants are growing and soon will be on our table in Richmond Vale Academy.


What else have we done? Lets see. There is a new herb garden close to the kitchen. The herbs didn’t come out the first time, so we tried to plant in a different way. Finally they are growing. There is a garbage reuse system in Richmond Vale Academy. Lots of cans and milk boxes are used instead of plastic bags for planting the seedlings in our garden. Reduce reuse recycle!

Then there was a special event in Richmond Vale Academy. Actually all over the World. The Earth day on 22 of April. Different activities brought many people together and the final touch of the celebration was surprisingly interesting and beautiful movie “One Day on Earth”.

On Labor day (May 1st) We organized and participated in special event in local community – Rosehall river clean-up. After the hurricane Thomas which hit the island two years ago the river was full of branches and other parts of trees. Gaia team and some of the local activists dragged out the branches and planted decorative bush and flowers on the river bank. Welcome tourists! Come and have a healthy waterfall massage in the river and help to raise money for community development!

Have you seen lots of pictures Gaia team with children our facebook page? Yes, yes, we started to teach in the schools! Now its Fitz Hudges primary school, 3rd, 4,th and 5th grade, from the next week – Coulls Hill primary school. We are teaching about global warming, climate change and how to stop throwing garbage all over St. Vincent. The kids like it, probably they will come to the first Gaia children club. Almost forgot to tell – there will be a lot of Gaia clubs in this island.

What else have we done? Lets see. We are very curious people. So we went out of RVA to see St. Vincent. We did investigations in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Central Water and Sewerage Authority, Hydro power station, Vincentian families. Some things we thought we will do just for fun and then we were surprised to learn so much about St. Vincent culture, nature, biodiversity,

Gaia teammates and team work. Moonlight walk from Rosehall and visit to falls of Baleine were beautiful and very interesting experiences.

That’s all we did in 30 days. And we liked it.


So what have we done this month?

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