Short History of RVA

Brief History of RVA.

DRH Richmond Vale Academy is situated at the end of the road on a pearl
of a property with 30 amazing acres surrounded by the rainforest, the
Caribbean Sea, the green lush mountains, beautiful people and
breathtaking views in all directions. It is important that the history of this school is known, and with this article it will give you some idea on how RVA started and continue to flourish at the end of the road.

Richmond Vale Academy got its name from the valley. The school is
located in the Richmond Valley. The word Academy comes from the Greek
word “academia” which means; the school in the garden.

Teachers Group

In the beginning of the 1980s, The Teachers Group decided to expand the
school work beyond the borders of Denmark. One of the locations the
teachers had visited on our world study travels was Saint Vincent. A few
teachers had landed on the island and driven to the end of The road and
discovered a magnificent spot and decided to build Another Kind of

Richmond Vale Academy was created for youth with special needs from
Denmark and as a vocational school for Vincentian students where they
could learn to become carpenters, masons, mechanics and electricians.

This concept was unique and very different. It was experimental and the
project lived for a few years. The Academy was out of operation as a
school until the beginning of 2000, a few teachers had become farmers
and since the 80’s developed the agricultural production with bananas
and passion fruit fields.

In the 2000s

In the beginning of 2000 Richmond Vale Academy was restarted as school
training Development Instructors to work at Humana People to People’s
project in Africa. After a smaller start Richmond Vale Academy picked up
speed in 2005 with a new leadership team, concept and plans.

Richmond Vale Campus
Our campus in its natural settings

From 2007 until 2011, the first 200 students joined and became
Development Instructors. They fought shoulder to shoulder with The Poor
in Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, and Malawi. Up to 2015 over 500 local and international students have been studying at Richmond Vale Academy.

Climate Change was hitting St. Vincent very hard, as a result Humana People to
People started new projects in Latin America – so a new pressing need
was to be addressed and two new programs were developed in 2011.

The Fighting with The Poor Program and The St. Vincent Climate
Compliance Conference 2012 – 2021 Program.

Please come and explore the beautiful campus on our open day,
on the 12th December, from 10 AM to 3 PM

Written by Stina Herberg

Short History of RVA

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