Setting 1,000 Moringa seedlings

Here in RVA we like to promote the amazing properties of Moringa Oleifera. We set the seedlings, plant the trees for the environment, and for their health benefits. We have one in our herb garden and we make tea from the leaves for breakfast. We dry and grind the leaves to make powder that we sprinkle on our food, add to salads, eggs, etc. We are constantly researching new ways to cook with Moringa leaves, pods and seeds. Lastly, we are starting to feed it to our animals – the horses are now used to the taste and their coats have visibly improved over the past few months!

Gram for gram, Moringa has:
9 times the proteins of yogurt,
10 times more vitamin A than carrots,
6 times as much vitamin C as oranges,
3 times as much potassium as bananas.
And as little as half of a cup of cooked leaves will meet your daily recommendation for Vitamins A and C.

Finally, we plant Moringa as part of the Treelympics! Last Friday the whole academy came together to set 1,000 seedlings for the olympic games in treeplanting. Everyone had a job: some were filling nursery bags with soil, others watering them, putting in the seeds; some would ensure we have enough soil while others would move the seedlings and count them. Thanks to teamwork we managed to set all seedlings in just 1 hour and 15 minutes – this is RVA record!

You can read more about our Moringa-related actions here.

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Setting 1,000 Moringa seedlings
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