RVA visiting hydroelectric pipeline in Dark View – by Lina

Last week, the Climate Compliance Conference team went to the hydroelectric pipeline that is being rebuilt after the destruction caused by the Christmas flood two years ago at Dark View Falls.

Electrical Services Company has decided to rebuild the old pipeline that was made of wood using a modern technology, that is fiberglass.

The Electrical Company has contracted an O-Tec International company to do that work, and we talked with the civil engineer Mr. Georgios Vavaroutsos Perez who is in charge to lead the reconstruction of the pipes.

RVA – What can you say to us about your work here in St. Vincent?

Mr. Giorgios – The Electrical Company acquired my services to advise in installation of the new pipe, and after studies it was decided that fiberglass pipes are the best solution, for many reasons. First, they are lighter than concrete and steel, and easier to transport. They can be installed in a manufacturing process, that is friendlier to environment, and has minor roughness index.

And what are you doing to cause less damage to environment?

The constructive process was to bury the pipes, in order to make a good protection to them, and make it possible to plant some trees and reforest the area of the site.

Do you think that it will be possible to rebuilt the original forest?

The original forest was damaged when the first pipes were installed. Now, we are burying the pipes and then we are going to plant trees over them. It will be much better than it was. We are, at the same time, providing energy to St. Vincent, and planting trees in a place where they had been cut.

How is the work going on?

We have studied carefully the environment, and are working hard to cause the minimal impact. So, we guarantee that the material that we get from trench, were the pipes are being placed, will be used again and not deposited in areas that affect the riverbed. We are also taking care in order to cause neither landslides nor slopes or erosion in the project area. And finishing, we are going to plant trees over the trench.

Mr. Giorgios. It was a very nice class. Thank you very much.

RVA visiting hydroelectric pipeline in Dark View – by Lina
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