RVA in St. Vincent’s Carnival – by Lina

Some students and teachers of RVA have had a very good time in Kingstown last Tuesday, in the last day of Vincy Mas, the local name for Carnival.

It was a gorgeous and very hot day, with a lot of sun. We left RVA in a van, about nine o clock, and had the opportunity to admire once more the beautiful landscape and beaches where the road passes by.

After a nice trip, we arrived in Kingstown just in time to see the carnival groups preparing themselves. These kind of groups, in Brazil are called “School of Samba”. Here in Caribbean, especially in St. Vincent, they could be called “School of Calypso”!

Each group has a story to be told, with the song, the allegoric cars and the customs. People go dancing and singing by the sound of the drums, recounting their stories. All the costumes are very, very colorful, and the people who wear them seemto be very proud of it. The women move their hips. The men move their hips too, but in a different way. And the children just jump following the rhythm.

It was great to see all those people dancing together, in the same rhythm, singing the same song, and wearing the same colorful and beautiful costumes.

Just because I am Brazilian, I can not omit to mention a group whose theme was football. One of the allegoric cars, was all decorated in yellow and green (the colors of the Brazilian flag), with the logo of CBF, the Brazilian Football Confederation, and had allegories of the five Wold Cups that Brazil won, when its football was the best. Unfortunately it is not the best anymore.

At present, the world champion is Germany, and so, there was another allegoric car in German colors, telling about the four times that Germany was champion.

We saw many groups, walked in the town, took photos, ate the local fruits, had a nice day and came back very hot and happy.

Maria Eulina

Watch some Vincy Mas pictures by David Christian

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RVA in St. Vincent’s Carnival – by Lina
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