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There are two major problems facing humanity in the 21st century: global poverty and global warming. At the moment we live in a world of plenty where 800 million people go to bed hungry and 15 million children starve to dearth each year. Fundamentally global poverty is about unequal distribution of global wealth and resources.

To alleviate global poverty, we need to help poor countries to develop as quickly as possible. The golden rule of development is that it is always accompanied by an expansion of the amount of energy used. If these countries use the cheapest route, then their energy will be produced using carbon-based technologies such as coals, gas and oil. This of course will accelerate global warming.

So to deal with global warming, we must deal with developing countries, and thus we must for the first time in humanity's history tackle the unequal distribution of global wealth.

Richmond Vale Academy is a non-profit school in St. Vincent running programs from 1-18 months where you can get involved and actually make a difference in the world. 

Standing on the sideline is not an option anymore.