Review of Children’s Day

Review of Children’s Day at Troumaka Primary School

Kid’s day is Always a nice day!

Everybody in RVA likes to work during Children’s day. Playing with children always reminds us about our own childhood and brings good memories for all.

Probably this is one of the reasons why the event is part of the training for the students who go to Belize or Ecuador. There, they will have to plan other events similar to this. In preparation for this day there was discussion about what previous teams had done at similar days, so there was much creative ideas in the air.

I had already written about children’s day in another article published in this blog, recently.  So, at this time I will interview all the members of the Fighting with the Poor team, who were responsible of planning and organizing the last event.

I asked to each one the same questions, and it was interesting to see that they have different points of view, and different answers.

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1 – You know that you will have to plan events like this in Ecuador or Belize. What are your impressions about the way that the event happened?

Manal (28 years old from Jordan): said that it was fun, but we could have done more. It was a little bit confusing.

Baha (28 years old, from Jordan): Even though it was disorganized, the children had fun. It should have being more prepared. Next time they will be ready.

Lilly, (25 years old, from Norway) thinks that for the first event that they planned it was quite well, but not all plans went accruing to plans that were made. At last, they have gone to the community, and played with the children.

Nelson, (28 years old from the US), said that it was a totally new experience for him, and the children were very active also demanded a lot of attention.

Mariana, (28 years old, from Mexico), think that it is a very good idea, a very good way of interacting with the community, but it was not put to a good use.

Walid, (28 years old, from Jordan), noticed that the children had much fun, but they didn’t smile. They didn’t want to learn the things that were being taught.

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2 – what do you think that could be done and what was not?

Manal told that they should have prepared more educational activities.

Baha think that the games should be suitable for children of 8 to 10 years old.

Lilly felt that if they had asked before, the children had attended more.

Nelson also says that they could have prepared better.

Mariana says that we need more communication with the parents. We worked only as a babysitter, not in an educational work.

Walid noted that the children are very talented, and need more stimulus.

3 – Any recommendation for the next?

Manal says more educational activities.

Baha says be more prepared, because children are always a surprise.

Nelson says more activities with the hands.

Mariana says the kid’s day should be the bridge between us and the community.

Walid says the snacks should have been served before or after the activities, not during.

These were their different points of view. But talking to all of them, I could conclude that they are a little bit sad because it was not possible to do the short presentation with animals that they prepared. Therefor the story was posted as a blog post, Mother Earth and Her Children 

And they all have the same opinion about the need for further approximation of teachers and parents to find out which are the real necessities of children, in order to plan a good educational work that could be continued by them, or by other teams.

And I conclude, by myself, which maybe working in the right way, the children will smile to us.

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Written by Lina Cintra

Review of Children’s Day

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