Program Costs

There are fees involved to cover for food, accommodation and program for the time you are in the program. Richmond Vale Academy is a non-profit institution and participants contribution are part of covering for the expenses of the school.

Enrollment Fee

When you enroll in one of the programs, you pay the non-refundable enrollment fee of 500 USD.

Tuition Fee

Latest one month before you start the program, you pay the tuition fee.

The enrollment fee and the tuition fee cover part of the costs in running the programs. Besides there is a hiking, nature and diving center supports and furthermore donations are given from various sources to support the running of the school and doing actions in the communities.

On the Fighting Poverty Team you will cover the remaining expenses by asking donations and other fundraising actions. Raising funds as an integral part of the courses will teach you to take charge, plan, and organize, go for a goal and succeed while sticking together in the team.


Program Costs

Climate Change Activist - 1 Month
US$ 900
1 Month Program
Climate Change Activist - 6 Months
US$ 2300 + US$ 500
6 Months Program
Fighting Poverty Program - 18 Months
US$ 4900 + US$ 500
18 Months Program
Travel Costs to the project
Insurance during the project
OWU A-Certificate