Our volcanic adventures

Living close to the entrance to the La Soufrière volcano trail, we organize hiking trips for visitors, but also arrange some for ourselves. Last Sunday the students and teachers of Richmond Vale Academy have visited the volcano again.

We have left RVA at 6:30 and, after a small detour to see the old sugar mill, started our climb. The weather was surprisingly good, after a really rainy Saturday. Among us were people with different levels of fitness and hiking experience, so we took care to take many enjoyable breaks. We reached the top at 10 am and some of us descended into the crater. We’ve stayed at the top for 3 hours, getting sunburned and struggling to stand against the strong wind.

La Soufrière, from French, literally means the sulphur outlet, and is a common name given to the volcanoes in the region. For example, Werner Herzog’s “La Soufrière” movie was about La Grande Soufrière volcano on Guadeloupe.

Our Vincy Soufrière is the highest point of the country, measuring 1,234 m or 4,049 ft. It’s an active volcano, which has erupted before in 1718, 1812, 1902, 1971, and 1979. When you reach the top, you can smell sulfur, coming out of the impressive lava dome inside the crater. If you haven’t tried this challenging but rewarding hike, you should definitely do it on your next visit! In the meantime read about the volcano and watch the pictures and a video from our different hiking adventures!

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Our volcanic adventures
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