Our partner in Belize – Humana People to People Belize’s Child Aid project

Included in the Fighting with the Poor program is the 6 month Service Period, in which the trained Development Instructor travels to, and works in a developing country in Latin America. Since the start of the Fighting with The Poor program in 2012, Richmond Vale Academy has sent about 20 Development Instructors to work in Ecuador and Belize.

In Belize our Development Instructors work for 6 months with the local NGO Humana People to People (HPP) Belize. HPP has one main solidarity project in Belize, which goes under the name Child Aid Toledo – where Toledo refers to the most southern and the poorest district of Belize.


The Child Aid project, of which there are more than 50 in the third world, runs activities for the Poor under “The 10 lines of Child Aid”.

The Child Aid, unlike the name suggests, is not just about working with Children. The Child Aid project has as an aim to build the capacity in families and in communities, recognizing that in order to nurture children successfully, the entire community needs to be strengthened. To reach this goal, the Child Aid works under the following 10 lines:

  • Strengthening the economy of the family
  • Health and hygiene
  • Preschools
  • Children as Active in Society
  • Children without parents
  • Education
  • District Development
  • Environmental Protection
  • Culture and communication
  • Farmers’ Cooperatives

Since 2012, 8 Development Instructors (DI) trained at Richmond Vale Academy have worked for Humana Belize, each in 6-month periods. The DIs live and work in Trios or Duos.

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As it is part of a study program, the intention of this 6-month period is also to experience living and working shoulder to shoulder with the Poor. Our DIs live for 6 month in the community where they work, getting to know the real living conditions and working experiences that the most disadvantaged of this world are going through every day.

Our DIs have been working with many different kind of activities and have made significant impacts in the communities where they stayed. Some of the achievements have been; establishing income generating activities with women groups, work with developing local schools, building infrastructure for the community, starting up vegetable gardens and animal productions, hygiene campaigns, holding information days about relevant issues such as healthy diets, disease prevention etc. and much more.


Experiencing this period of Serving the Poor and getting really close to people living on a dollar a day, has changed the lives of every single volunteer that has gone through these 6 months.

Knowing the situation of those poor communities very well, we know the need for more assistance is very high and the request for more volunteers is very high. Humana Belize has seen the impact of our DIs and is wishing to get more motivated activists into their projects

Are you passionate about helping those in need? Looking for a new direction in life, serving the Poor? You want to get involved? You are needed!! Please contact me at david@richmondvale.org

Our partner in Belize – Humana People to People Belize’s Child Aid project
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