One day at Richmond Vale Academy

One day at Richmond Vale Academy. 

It is 5:45 AM, if you have kitchen duty it is the proper time to get up, refresh your face and go directly to the kitchen to prepare breakfast together with your kitchen team for the rest of your colleagues. This article gives you inside information one day at Richmond Vale Academy.

Morning preparations

The morning starts with some fruits and vegetables preparation, porridge, bread and some eggs (when our hens left for us these delicious presents). At 7 AM we have the breakfast ready so everyone come to join and we all together enjoy the prepared meal. Afterwards, the kitchen team, which prepared the breakfast, does the dishes, cleans the kitchen and leaves everything ready for the next food preparation. It works nearly the same for lunch and dinner, but we have assistance from the cookers of the school. This duty takes turns.

During the week there is a “food production day” and a “common action day”, both are basically 2 mornings we spend working in the garden or the kitchen. The main idea is to produce as much as possible in a long term the food we consume at the school. This is still in progress. Currently we are using from our organic garden the lettuce and spinach we grow and the fruits we consume: guava, papaya, carambola, mango, breadfruit, limes, sour sop and some herbs like lemon grass, basil and moringa.

Other days we have lessons which are prepared by one of the teachers of the school. After that, there is a collection of tasks to be done in order to fill and develop the digital library. Sometimes the tasks are related to the class, sometimes they are not. It depends on the day, the teacher and your team leader. We have several hours to dedicate to this part of the program some days a week. We work individually or in trios and we summarize our own results which are corrected or checked by the teacher.


The tasks’s developing is a big part of the program over here. As much as students focus on things they are really into, the development of the tasks make more sense. So it is a great opportunity to enlarge your own skills and your team skills.

Evening at Richmond Vale

There are other fixed events at the school. We have a cultural evening almost once a week, sports afternoons in common and three weekly meetings: the first one, is related to responsibility areas groups (kitchen, garden, sports and culture, building and grounds and promotion) in order to discuss several issues related to those topics and how to improve them. The second one is called “common meeting” which is focused on other school’s issues such as future plans, problems related to the facilities, experiences and projects currently developed, etc. The last weekly meeting we must join is about our own team: climate compliance conference, fighting with the poor etc. in order to plan the gaps we have during the week.

A nice conversation and jokes with some friends, a cup of coffe under the moon, a nice shower before sleep, a movie… It is the end of the day! Ready for more tomorrow!

By Lukas Steinmeyer

One day at Richmond Vale Academy