Olympic Day

Olympic Day

I started running down the stairs out from the main hall, ran down the way leading to the fitness centre, there I found four potato sacks, one for each competitor, I quickly jumped into one of the sacks, then started hopping across the area facing the fitness centre towards four large tires, I got out of the sack, then started flipping one of those tires back the same way I hopped, flip, flip, flip, “This is incredibly challenging, I’m not going to make it” I thought to myself, but finally, I reach the end point where a member of my team was waiting my arrival so they would do their part in the competition, that for me was the end of a very entertaining “Olympics day”.

Breakfast, ready, go!

The day started with team attire preparations, each of the four teams was assigned a colour, there was the blue team, the black team, the red team and the white team. Each team included four people, all of which were wearing their respective colours. With a lot of excitement, we went down to the field by the diving centre, which is quite a large field, almost the size of a football field. There, we took part in two competitions; dodge ball and touch rugby, it was the first time for me playing either of these sports, nevertheless I enjoyed playing them both, but for me dodge ball was more fun, it is a sport where four balls are on the field, and the purpose of it is to try and hit one of the members from the other team with the ball after which the player is out of the game, however if a player catches a ball that was thrown at them, then the player who threw the ball is eliminated, the game ends when all players from one team are eliminated. We played 3 matches of dodgeball and 2 matches of touch rugby, and my team was second by the end of these games.


At RVA everybody participates. However sometimes the eager ones have to be held back, in this case Milo the dog.

Game time

To conclude this part of the Olympics, we headed on to the river by the beach, there we played several games of tug war, teams would stand on different sides of the river, and the losing team would usually end up thrown head first into the river. My team won that event. GO BLUE TEAM! And with that came the conclusion of the morning part of the Olympics. Later in the afternoon, was the third and final part of the Olympics day which was split into four sections, the first section was the one I mentioned above, followed by a run down the road leading to football field where a third member of the teams was waiting to be tagged. The second member would carry the legs of the third member, and the third member will use their arms as they both walk across the football field, after which the third member would do a military crawl towards a football ball which they will dribble towards the end of the field, this will be followed by a run down through to the river where the fourth and final member was waiting to be tagged. The first part of this challenge required strength, but the final part, which included swimming in the sea towards a rock then back required stamina.

Tug-War  Tug-War

After tagging Jonna, the second member of my team, I was gasping for a breath, then I started walking down the road leading to the football field, I was walking slowly because the first part of the challenge took a lot out of me, but eventually I reached the beach, and there, I saw Lilly; a member of the black team, finishing the swim in first place, which meant that the black team came first, the blue team came in a very respectable second, and the red team and white team were tied for last. At the end, we all received paper certificates with our respective positions, we took some pictures and thus came an end to a very amusing and exciting day. It was truly an AWESOME day!

At Richmond Vale Academy we have sport events to create a positive experience as well as team building skills.

Written by Baha Al-zain

Olympic Day

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