The Climate Compliance Conference


The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 - 2021 is a new kind of Environmental Movement.


With a ten years’ perspective, Richmond Vale Academy launched its St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012-2021, aiming at forming the future of St. Vincent into that of being a climate compliant country, one of the first of its kind globally.

With an eye to the planetary boundary concept, counting nine different such planetary boundaries, mankind is now technologically able to study Earth systems at a planetary level and establish the environmental thresholds withing which mankind must keep the Globe in order to keep its systems functioning and in balance.

Never before has so much scientific data, books and other publications been available to people like you and we, and never before has there been such a broadly based consensus among all but ardent deniers that Global Warming and Climate Change is real and that also actions by man are causing the Earth system to collapse, causing irreversible damage to the Earth and live as we know it.

It is with science as a foundation and an eye to these nine planetary boundaries the Climate Compliance Conference has been born, as a way for we, the ordinary people, to take concrete actions and at the same time establish knowledge that will allow for actions in a new kind of environmental movement, based locally in St. Vincent and shown globally for others to follow.


Richmond Vale Academy - Ostrich head out of the sand

 Becoming Climate Compliant demands getting the head out of the sand pile.



Generation C  

C stands for Courage. 

The courageous activists all have their heads out of the sand and they have a method of luring ostriches to lift their head as as to see the light of day. We will unite St. Vincent around the concept of Climate Compliancy over the next 10 years.  


The activists are from all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Generation C not only predicts the future but engages collectively in forming it. In spite of troubled times visible ahead for mankind, the Climate Activists dare to gather around a program and a plan that calls for actions to counter Global Warming and Climate Change. 


The activists are not class or ideology selected, the activists delivers speaking out about the issues, delivers demands and puts these on themselves to solve. The activists do not appeal to all heads of state but to all heads out of the sand.


A small group from Richmond Vale Academy together with a big group of Vincentians will make St. Vincent food, energy and disaster secure. We will adapt to the challenges of Global Warming and Climate Change.



Richmond Vale Academy


Generation C does not appeal to all heads of state

but to all heads out of the sand.