James Lovell teaching Garifuna Culture

The Fighting with The Poor Team invited Artist and Educator James Lovell originally from Belize to teach Garifuna culture, song and language for the Saturday Cultural Night. 

James is born with a gift to sing, this ability gave him the opportunities to perform in elementary and high school talent shows in Belize, and neighboring countries.



After graduating from high school, James joined the Belize Police Band where he learned to play several instruments such as the guitar, bass guitar, clarinet, euphonium, saxophone and keyboards. While in the Police Band, James took advanced music correspondence courses from the Royal School of Music in England. He learned how to read music and to arrange musical compositions.

His goals and aspirations are "To uplift, promote and procure the Garifuna Culture. To expose Garifuna Arts and music to the world, and to introduce a unique and different type of music which will add a new dimension to the music world." He also wants to educate and enlighten Garifuna and non-Garifuna about the history and the culture of the race. James is in St. Vincent to teach Garifuna song, dance, language and culture to children from all over St. Vincent until the end of August.