Building Weekend July

We just finished another great Building Weekend where we have upgraded our kitchen. Over the past 5 years Building Weekends have been an important action to develop our whole place and surroundings. Everybody work together to lift a big task and last weekend we fixed the pantry, put up new lights, repaired a table and a drain, put in a new door  and enjoyed culture and lots of good food. A Building Weekend is also an excellen action to train practical skills, try things you never did before and learn teamwork, planning and organization. Thank you all for a great wekeend and to all our readers please enjoy some images from last weekend! 


Building Weekend July - Kitchen Upgrade!
Fixing the table!


Fixing the drain

Building Weekend July - Putting up new lights


Building Weekend July - Painting

Building Weekend July - Enjoying a Culture Night



Building Weekend July - Kitchen Team

Building Weekend July - Kitchen Upgrade