My Thoughts about Permaculture

My Thoughts about Permaculture

When I first decided to join the “Fighting with the Poor” program at Richmond Vale Academy, I was thrilled about so many things; getting the chance to live in a beautiful Caribbean Island, meeting amazing people from all around the world, having the opportunity to learn about the issues facing our world and real reasons behind them and most importantly growing and developing into a person who will be able to help those in need and living in poverty.

Sustainable living and organic farming was like a second priority for me, even though I believed in such techniques, I had little interest and knowledge about them. This all changed when I learned about Permaculture.



For those unfamiliar with the term Permaculture, Permaculture is based on the idea of being on the same side as nature and not against it. As many of us know, humans are the sole living organisms who are destroying nature and are the main reason for climate change and global warming. We take so much from earth without giving anything back in return.

Back in the seventies, an ecologist named Bill Mollison studied and observed how the natural system worked. His observation led him to the amazing discovery of how the natural system lives sustainably, supplying its own energy and recycling its own waste and how the whole ecosystem work together as one, benefiting and supporting each other. Believing in the importance of preserving mother earth and its natural resources, Bill Mollison believed that we humans can learn a lot from nature and we our selves can live sustainably, the ideas on Permaculture achieves this.

Permaculture is much more than organic farming; it is about a way of living which includes both permanent culture and agriculture, it is about having multiple uses for one single element (for example planting a tree can be used for its fruit, for shading other smaller plant and its leaves for mulch) , it is also about achieving one purpose through a number of different elements ( for example providing the soil with nutrients can be both from animal manure and leaves) and finally it is about having the whole system working together as one, taking care of itself by itself.

As mentioned above, Permaculture does only include agriculture but culture as well, so when choosing to live the Permaculture lifestyle, you decide to live sustainably. This means a lot of things: relying on renewable energy as much as possible (solar, wind geothermal, hydro…etc) , trying to produce minimal to zero waste, always have multiple uses for one item, making sure to eat only organic and non GMO and processed food.  It is about living sustainably as much as possible.

I am now inspired to base my life on the ideas of Permaculture and I believe it is the right way of living. To me Permaculture is about being aware and mindful of our surrounding, where it is important to take nature, animals and other people into consideration in whatever actions we decide to take, thus preparing a better future for mother earth and for the upcoming generation.

Written by Manal Beiourty
My Thoughts about Permaculture

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