Before the first school, I was so anxious, so nervous, because I have never been a teacher, and now, I’d have to talk to the children about the importance of the trees and the Treelympic competition. I made some draws to illustrate the lesson.

I thought that my voice could not help me and disappear, that my hands could shake so much that it would be impossible  to hold and to show the pictures… I was afraid that I could forget everything and the children would laugh at me… etc… etc…

But, fortunately, nothing bad happened. I could teach the lesson, my voice did not disappear, my hands did not shake too much, and for my big surprise, the children participated and I think they even liked! I felt very relieved and happy after my first class.

And then, there happened a lot of experiences. Some nice, some difficult, some emotional and some hilarious.

To carry all the trees, and the shovels, and the boxes with the certificates, and equipment to film and photograph, and  our personal things… to give a short lesson about  trees and  Treelympics,  and finally to plant the trees under hot sun or hard rain, at least, five times a day… these were very diffilcut and exhaustive  tasks!

But when, after class, a girl came to me and said:

-Miss! This is for you! – and gave me a handcraft fan, that she had just made in the crafts class,  I felt rewarded for all the effort.

And the same, when a girl asked:

– Miss, when you came back here, can you draw a cat for me?

Or when we had a little acceptance speech made by a girl, or when we met a teacher giving his class singing with the students and playing guitar… In one school, they sang the national anthem for us! In those moments I felt tears in my eyes…

And finally, I laugh every time I remember, when we arrived in Bequia and had to get out of the ferryboat and put the whole stuff  like boxes with food, boxes with certificates, shovels, the tube with papers, everybody backpackers, and… a forest of one hundred trees inside a small pick up!

When everything was already inside, we realized that there was no room for us. We were  disconsolate for a moment, but we had to go inside also!  And so, we climbed, fighting for a place in the middle of the forest… then, after trying a lot, we could accommodate us sitting around the trees, with our legs straight out, loose in space.   Except Keke that found a place at the background of the truck, but one of  her legs did not! She was pulling her leg, very angry, while I laugh a lot.

– Why are you laughin? Are you laughing at me? This is no funny!

– I am laughing at the whole situation! It is completely surreal!

A  small pick up, carrying a hundred trees and six women… and a sweaty  Miguel and completely red Mr. D. (the owner of the gest house), running behind, because there was no place at all for them!

It was really  very, very funny!

These are some of my personal experiences of Treelympics.

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Written by Lina Cintra                                ***


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