My first experience in the organic garden – Alessia

When I first entered the organic garden it was before I actually started my program, about a week before. I was attracted by it and wanted to learn more about it: so one night Edit, one of the teachers at that time, gave me appointment at 6 am in the garden the day after, to show me what it is all about

It is 6 am, the air feels breezy, the dew is still fresh on the grass and wet my feet lightly, waking me up gently (yes, I’m still sleepy!). I feel good and optimistic. I always felt close to plants and nature.

As soon as I enter the garden a hand painted piece of lumber gives me the tone, it states: ORGANIC GARDEN.

I walk further, take a look around me, what is all this? A nursery with dozens of different plants, germinating, expanding their arms to the world, rows of different greens ready to be transplanted in the fertile soil.

Going to the greenhouses, the spectacle was a little different, it needed some adjustmentsbut the green organic materials were there, in front of my eyes: spinach, sweet peppers and salad.

Suddenly I feel empowered and attracted by the concept of sustainability: it is actually possible to grow your own food, 100% organically! And dont spend money out of your home.

So Edit shows me the way, sinuously I progress through the different plants: some are tall, others smalls, here I can see some wining and rampant on the posts.

Dozens of perfumes and aromas jump to my sinus, tickling my sinusI stop, take a look around and realize how lucky I am to see it, and that I will learn a skills. In the next 18 months I will become an expert in gardening!

organic garden

Here I am, today, 17 months later, doing gardening with love and passion, harvesting every morning the salads and the greens we grow.

Since that day we improved a lot our techniques, switching to a permaculture concept of cultivation. The greenhouses got upgraded with black nets instead of clear plastic during a building weekend action but that is another story

Growing your own organic food has many benefits: first of all it is healthy and you actually know exactly what you are eating; then it is environmentally friendly since you dont use chemicals, actually you enrich the soil using the permaculture principles, then you learn about nature and what is linked to it, you start to see the general plan of the nature, how it survives, develops and balances itself; you save money because you dont supply yourself to the supermarket anymore, etc.

I could make a long list, but the best would be to experience it!

Are you ready for that?

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My first experience in the organic garden – Alessia
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