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I think I speak on the majorities behalf when I say that I hate the blood sucking creatures with passion, and not talking about vampires right now. This article is on simple ways to prevent mosquito and their bites Mosquitoes are really getting on my nerves and I think it is important to take a stance against them. As most people know there are several types of mosquitoes and various types carry diseases like dengue fever, AIDS and chikungunya and other diseases. In this article there will be information about the lifespan, how to prevent the spread of mosquitoes and how to prevent mosquito bites.


Mosquitoes, bearer of diseases 

I do not think it is a hidden fact that mosquito prevention will also hinder the spread of several diseases that mosquitoes carry. Malaria, chikungunya and AIDS to mention a few. The numbers of malaria related deaths many, in 2015 there was about 438 000 people who died of malaria as well as 214 million cases world wide, and about 3.2 billion people are at risk of malaria. However because of effective awareness, information on how to prevent mosquitoes and actively stopping mosquitoes there is a decrease by 60% in malaria deaths globally since 2000. You can read more about mosquito diseases and malaria here

Mosquito lifespan  

Most people might not be aware that female mosquitoes lay her eggs in water, and she will lay eggs about every three days depending on her life span. There are usually 100-300 eggs floating ready to be hatched, it is important information that the eggs can be found in as little as one inch of water. After three days the eggs hatch and become larvae. They can easily be killed by blocking their access to air, by putting oils that prevents them to breath, bacteria that kills them or pouring out water where the eggs may be hatching. Places like pots, buckets or old car tires.

After the larvae stage they become pupae and they can be recognised because they look like commas (,). After another three days the pupae becomes adults. The difference between male and female mosquitoes, the male will take a couple of days to develop their reproductive organs and then seek out a female for mating, the male dies shortly after. The females only need to mate once, however they can continue to lay eggs after they feed, blood. Under good conditions they can live for a month or two.

Mosquito habitat 

The mosquitoes are very flexible and can live in most environments, with exception for extreme cold environments. They enjoy forest, tall grass and weeds and marshes, preferably a ground that is wet least parts of the year. Does this sound like St. Vincent?

In general we can spilt them into two basic groups, clean water type and polluted water type. Because the eggs need water to hatch, it is vital that the mosquitoes have access to water. An example is the Floodwater mosquitoes, they will lay their eggs in moist soil, often million of eggs at the time. The eggs will dry out the soil and when it rains the eggs will hatch.


Do It Yourself Mosquito Prevention  

As explained, the eggs can hatch in little as one inch of water this means to prevent the eggs to hatch, there is easy and things to prevent them spreading without the use of chemicals.
Empty and remove empty containers and places the eggs may hatch. clean up around your garden and neighbourhood for buckets, toys and bowls for pets outside. If the dogs or cat have water outside, make sure to change their water daily (the pet will also appreciate this). It might be a tips to go together in local communities to do this, remove old buckets, rusted cans and toys that are collecting water.

  • Mosquitoes like to rest in grass and bushed during the hot days, trim and cut the vegetation in your garden. To prevent the mosquitoes having a comfortable day, cut the grass in your garden and trim your bushes and hedges. A great initiative by the St. Vincent government was to clean up along the roads, this will also help prevent mosquitoes having a relaxing day, it will also create more wind in the area making it more difficult for the mosquitoes to fly around. A good tip is also to clean up the leaves, because there might be enough water for eggs to lay in-between the leaves. If you have a low-lying area in your garden or back yard, it could be a tip to fill them in, because it is a egg hatching paradise. Easy to prevent with filling out these areas with dirt, soil or to install a drain system.
  • Check the rain gutter, especially during summer months and after rain showers the gutters will often have leaves and branches clogging up the gutters making it the perfect habitat for mosquitoes eggs. It is easy to prevent this by cleaning up regularly, this will also help the environment because the gutters are  being full of leaves and stuff that prevents a natural flow of water.

Non-Chemical Mosquito Prevention

In the section above there was things you and your community can do to decrease mosquitoes in your area, make people aware of things laying around and talk about ways to prevent mosquitoes. It surrounds us on a daily basis, but we do not always think about ways to get rid of them. Other points on hinder mosquitoes can be to have a fish pond, fish feed on mosquito larvae and hinder them becoming pupae, when the larvae do not grow up, there is automatically less mosquitoes.

Like most living things, there are natural predators. the natural predators to mosquitoes are dragonflies, spiders, beetles and geckoes love to munch on them like snacks. Having friendly spiders in your house prevents mosquitoes and other insects that you do not want in your house, because the spiders will eat other insects.

There are also natural oils such as lemon, thyme, tea tree oil, peppermint oil or rosemary are excellent oils to rub on yourself and children to prevent mosquitoes to bite you. You can buy at markets plants that prevent the little buggers, plants like citrosa, is often called mosquito plant that repels mosquitoes. If you are bitten release the itchiness with coconut oil. It works like magic I am telling you from my own personal experience.


Prevent mosquito bites

Mosquitoes often prefers to feed at night, when the boiling sun is gone. However there are also some mosquito types that are aggressive biters during the day. During dusk and dawn try to stay indoors, burn citrus candles and continuously rub oil on your skin that prevent mosquitoes to bite you. Also wearing light and loose clothing will prevent the insects to bite you, short and tight clothes will make it easy for the mosquito to get a good grip on your skin. One of the most effective ways to secure your self at night and your house is to invest in mosquito nets and screens. Make sure that windows and doors are secured and there are no holes for the vicious blood thirsty creatures to enter your house.

For more information about how to prevent mosquitoes.

Written by Lillian Harkmark Lie

Mosquito Prevention

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