Since the start in 2012, we have cleaned up 20 ton of trash from rivers and beaches, planted over 30,000 trees, set up 8 model gardens, taught in all schools on the islands, produced over 20 TV and Radio Programs and taught over 6,000 people face to face.


» Waking up early in the morning with the sound of nature, enjoy breakfast and after that go to the organic garden to take care of the nursery and check the process of making natural fertilizer.

» Living in a community with people from all over the world, having workshops about sustainable energy and participate in environmental campaigns with children and adults from the nearby villages.

» Getting your hands dirty while learning how to make compost and prepare some productive soil for the garden.
» Learning and teaching, doing more than just waiting for politicians to sign 50 page-agreements to take care of the food you eat.

Climate Activist Program (1 month)

During the past 3 years we were receiving special requests from people who wanted to join our Climate Activist Program but didn’t have the available time to live this experience in the Caribbean.

We needed to sit down and study each of these cases and decide what we could do about them. Sadly just a few people got the opportunity to join the program within a different time frame — less than 6 months —

Students who wanted to join us during university vacations, Parents who weren’t able to leave the kids for such a long time and students with special internship periods; those were the usual people applying for those few places.

As we developed more and made stronger foundations, we wanted to give more options for those who needed these special conditions.

Starting from 2016, we’re running a – 1 month -Climate Activist Program for people like you —who don’t have the 6 months available but that don’t want to miss the opportunity to join us —

Climate Activist Program (1 month)

You will take part on the activities with the rest of the Climate Activist on the 6 months program:

» You’ll get to know the St. Vincent forest and communities (biodiversity and traditions).

» You’ll learn – and apply – the principles of Permaculture, Organic Farming and Agroforestry.

» And most important: You’ll be part of the RVA Family!

As you can see, during this time you’ll be sharing responsibilities and tasks with the rest of Climate Activist.

It means that activities like:

» Beach and Rivers clean ups;

» Tree planting campaigns;

» Teaching in schools and,

» Recycling campaigns

» Organic Farming

….will be part of your everyday life during this 1 month here.

Sounds exciting right?

Here you can see an example of what our program looks like
Welcome to RVA – Lets get started

2nd Week- Global Warming & Climate Change


So, let’s talk about the costs.

Because we get support from sponsors and run our Diving and Hiking Center, we are able to keep our costs low.

Because of these, you’re getting the opportunity to join The — 1 month — Climate Activist Program for a very affordable price, from as low as $900 (unique fee).

To put our price into perspective for you, consider this:

You’ll be living in this Caribbean Island for 4 weeks (30 days). Learning and Teaching along with people from all over the world and — what’s the most important task nowadays for a Climate Activist — contributing to create awareness, spreading the knowledge about Climate Change and Global Warming in the communities.

The fee you’ll be paying is meant to cover food, accommodation and the material you’ll need to execute the activities inside the program (tools, books, etc.)

Services like Laundry and Fitness centre are also available.


    Climate Activist Program - 1 month 



3 meals/day for 4 weeks (Vegetarians and Vegans are accommodated as well)

Accomodation for 4 weeks (Simple and comfortable rooms)

Basic materials needed to execute the program's activities (Garden's tools, Books and Video Guides)

Investigation and Just For Fun Trips (Getting to know St. Vincent and the Grenadines)

….The most important part of the arrival was still to come: Getting to know the people I would be sharing my life with.

After the formal introductions, I immediately became part of the group’s common actions: laughing, discussing, playing games and of course: working. Fortunately it could not be easier: everyone was so open and willing to make me a part of the group that it did not take long until I felt to be well integrated.

Besides the common activity in the group, the shared life at RVA is the major means to get to know everyone. Frankly spoken it brings you even closer to people than common work. When living together you do not only have to organise your life together regardless of any cultural difference, but you are also automatically confronted with different cultural habits and thus might find yourself talking about your backgrounds. You see people all day, eat with them three times a day, relax and work with them….”

Niklas from Germany.

“I have no words to describe such an amazing experience, since long ago I always wanted to do something like that but I just thought it was expensive and I left it for a future moment, as we use to do with many things in our life.

Then you realize you have spent your life purchasing stuff that you can’t even remember; and letting your money (and your time with it) run out of your hands for something that just brings you a fast,trivial sense of happiness, which flows away after each shopping experience…”
Vanessa from Spain.

“I arrived to the Island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on a Saturday night after two days of travel and several flight scales – From Copenhagen to Glasgow, from there to Toronto, Barbados and finally to Saint Vincent…

…Only when I wake up the next morning I was really able to see the school buildings and it’s surroundings were I could find horses, chickens and pigs, the organic garden and the fruit orchard…Later on, and because Sunday is resting day, we went down on a ten minutes walk to a very beautiful beach with black sand, warm and transparent water, where I could see the fishermen and their boats, swim and feel the hot and humid weather of the Caribbean islands…”
Ana from Portugal

Starting dates are variable, depending of the number of participants….

….Reserve your place and come to this Caribbean Island!

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