Monsanto has to go! Say “No!” to GMO!

Last Friday, May 22nd, was an event against GMO in the capital city of St Vincent – Kingstown. It was a day before international March Against Monsanto was scheduled. The decision to have the event early – on a UN International Day for Biological Diversity – was directed by logistics. The organizers: Alliance-Française St-Vincent, Chatoyer Gardens and RVA knew from experience that Friday is a day when most people come to Kingstown from all over the island and the businesses are open, giving us more public to educate. The organizers were largely supported by the Resistance Heart Beat drummers and Rastafari Movement, as well as local farmers and activists. 11281509_10205805939740107_1475805010_oWhile the event wasn’t a typical march, it was a huge success for a first edition. Approximately 20 people have left from the Alliance-Française quarters with 3,000 copies of the latest RVA News – a free newspaper which includes articles from international students, teachers and Vinentians alike. The articles talk about climate change, sustainable farming, ocean protection and, of course, GMOs. Divided into small groups we walked the streets of Kingstown offering newspapers to everyone. While 3,000 sounds like a lot, we run out of the papers within 2 hours.

Finally, we’ve met at the Courthouse where, supported by drummers, we proceeded to display posters and slogans and call attention to our cause yelling: “Monstanto has to go! Say <No!> to GMO!” and the likes. People on both sides of the street would stop and wonder what exactly was going on, and our activists would explain to them about GMO food, seeds, diseases, chemicals and supporting local farmers. Many of them were supprised to be hearing about those issues for the first time, others would recall hearing “something” on the radio, while very few had substantial knowledge about the issue. Almost everyone seemed happy to have learned something and the protesters were happy to explain. It was a joyful and productive action and we can’t wait to repeat it next year!


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Monsanto has to go! Say “No!” to GMO!
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