Meet The Teachers

The programs at Richmond Vale Academy demand out-of-the ordinary teachers and staff. The teachers at Richmond Vale Academy have as their biggest passion to create a life changing and high quality programs, teaching and training people to fight Global Warming and Global Poverty. The Teacher Council of Richmond Vale Academy is part of the community and at the center of running the school shoulder to shoulder with all participants in the programs.


Stina Herberg is the academy’s headmaster

Stina Herberg is the academy’s headmaster. She is both Vincentian and Norwegian National. For the past 25 years she has worked with education, enviroment and development projects in Angola, Mozambique, Denmark, Norway, Caribbean and USA. In 2007, Stina Herberg took the position as headmaster at Richmond Vale Academy.

@StinaHerberg Stina Herberg


Mahsa Boorboor is from Iran

She completed the Fighting with The Poor Program in April 2014. Mahsa holds a BA in Design and Theatre and she has worked in Belize with Humana People to People. In June 2015, Mahsa joined the teachers council at RVA and has been a team leader for Fighting with the Poor teams.


Selwyn Patterson is from Rose Hall

He was working with the Ministry of Agriculture as an extension officer, then later as a prison officer and also with the CWSA Central Water and Sewerage Authority. Selwin is the chair person for the Rose Hall Development Organization and the Rose Hall drummers. Selwin is a long term community activist and started to work at Richmond Vale Academy in August 2011.


Thomas Mors Erichsen is from Denmark

He studied and worked in Denmark before joining The Fighting with The Poor Program at Richmond Vale Academy. Thomas worked with Humana People to People in Belize and joined the teachers council in 2016. Thomas works as a teacher for the Climate Compliance Conference Program.


Luke Punnett is from Vermont, Saint Vincent and he is the Permaculture teacher

Luke started to work at the Academy in June 2014 and the organic food production has since then increased many times. Luke teaches classes about organic farming, pest control, seed development, compost systems and sustainable living.people from all around the world and they are more than willing to discuss and share all kinds of things!


Jesper is from Denmark

He was born in Denmark. He’s been living in St. Vincent for 10 years. He was part of starting up Richmond Vale Academy in 2007. Passionate about teaching and living sustainably, he loves to share his knowledge and learn from people who participate in our programs. He is a teacher and income manager at Richmond Vale Academy. He works with our commercial farm and Diving and Hiking Center. Loves to dive and teach and introduce people to the underwater world.


Else Marie Pedersen is Danish

She went to Africa with the Travelling Folk High School in Juelsminde. Before that she studied and travelled all over the world. She has visited over 10 countries in Africa and been to several Humana People to People projects. She worked at One World Center in the United States for 12 years promoting and recruiting students. In June 2014 she joined RVA.


Gustavo Noles is from Venezuela

He graduated as an Electronic Engineer and joined to the first Climate Activist Program in 2012. After finishing the program he participated in the Promotion team. In 2016, after 2 years of working as an engineer, he joined the RVA Promotion team.

Lany Lavia is from St. Vincent

Lany was born and raised in St. Vincent but from the age of 16 she left to study Elementary Education and sign language in Puerto Rico. She worked in a summer camp in Michigan, USA and has given numerous lessons in elementary schools in both Puerto Rico and St. Vincent. She joined the RVA Marketing staff in 2017.