Living in a community

Living in a community

At Richmond Vale Academy we all eat, learn and live together. It is a great feeling to belong in a community, we support, create and imagine side by side. We all want everybody to feel welcome and to feel a sense of belonging. I do believe that at Richmond Vale Academy, the various programs and the activities that fill our daily lives brings us closer together.

I have lived in a community with people before at university, but that effected me with somewhat negative energy with stress, envy and unhealthy lifestyle. Due to the difference in all of us in personalities, humour and and goals for our future. Therefor I did not stay there for long.

Personal Connection

However, here at Richmond Vale Academy I feel a more personal connection to the people, nature and myself, nothing can compare to the great feelings that these amazing people bring to the common meetings, class discussions or the dance parties we seem to do whenever we can. Dance parties brings out the fun and creativity within people, there is no right or wrong in dance, and it is important to show people there is no specific way you have to move your body when having fun. We all create the dance as we go along, we have drummers and guitar players. To show the diverse amount of taken, we arranged a talent night. Saturday night definitely bought out some talent people have been hiding and it was great to get out of the comfort sone. Every possible talent was on scene, from the classical talents such as dancing, singing and poetry. There was also juggling, videos and stand up. Even guests participated. Breaking down barriers people might have changing them into strengths with encouragement and a huge around of applause.

The importance of everyone’s involvement is very important because we run this school together. We have common meeting where every one can talk about what they feel matters, if it is a discussion about the various garden activities, open day schedules or various sports activities that we do. Starting next week we will have common sport activities such as yoga, dance class and football games. Its not only the fun and games that we do here, we are all studying, teaching, cleaning, working in the garden as well as in the kitchen. When working as a team we get everything done faster and with more efficiency. When cleaning we put on some funky tunes and dance our way with the mop over the halls like the king of Norway is coming for a visit.


In a community like at the Richmond Vale Academy we all participate in the daily chores that needs to be done for “the ship to stay a-float”. Every morning there is a kitchen team that will be up to provide breakfast for students, teachers and various guests who come and stay with us for a while. Everybody at the school will eat together at the same tables, I can sit next to my team mates or the headmaster, its a natural environment where conversation is constantly flowing with expectations for the day, group projects or plans for the weekend. I can not picture that happening at any university where the hierarchy system is a system so that the students will know their place at the school area. The students and teachers alike all have duties through out the day that depends on what team they are involved with, ether climate compliance team, horse program or fighting shoulder to shoulder with the poor. We watch documentaries relating to our course, discussions that effect us all and work together to find solutions that we are all satisfied with. We work in the garden, fix areas at the school grounds or simple things like making bread.


I can honestly say that I made the right choice coming to Richmond Vale Academy.

Written by Lillian Harkmark Lie

Living in a community

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