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Living in a community is an art of discovering every day personal development and evolution as a human being. In RVA, I have this possibility, living together with many amazing people from different countries, different cultures, different ages, all mixed together. And this brought me a personal discovery, very interesting and beautiful. In a community we share the same place, the same food, the interests, the jokes and always support each other, giving each other the strength and enthusiasm.

Each one of us has a dream, but at the same time we have a common dream of helping others. We live intensely, we live the day, we live in joy, we live truly – not to please others but to live our own lives, let our being express ourselves and do what our hearts ask.

Increasingly I have felt free to be me who I am, make decisions and realize my dreams as we work towards personal trust all the time.

We have the opportunity to face challenges and try new experiences in a wonderful place and in touch with nature. And so the community life begins to happen spontaneously. People, places and situations with the same purpose as our start to appear in our lives and, little by little, everything is happening naturally for this union to materialize and grow more and more. It’s an amazing experience.


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Living In a Community – Nadhia
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