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I have been in this beautiful country, St. Vincent for 18 months.

Every day I encounter the beauties of this country, Rainbow Bridge connecting greenest mountains, Endless radio station made by birds and insects…..

However I realized that it won’t last longer without environmental awareness. I saw hidden threats during the beach clean-up; Full of plastic waste and accumulated polluted soil. To make matters worse, GMO had been permitted recently in this country and lot of people have no information about its risks.

nats 01

So the question is what can I do? Writing article, Speaking up in radio or making presentation…..Mmmmm not for me, just not for me. And I ended up with “Art”, something I believe in and keep fascinating me.

Our team planed the wall paint project. Location is Fitz Huge Primary School which is in the closest community from our school. The principal of the school, Mr. Robertson gave us full supports and deep understanding. I am very grateful for his support.

We designed the image with some symbols and sentences. We made it little bit more abstract way because we believe in the power of symbolic language as a message direct into the subconscious.

Please imagine, some foreigners suddenly showed up with projector, paints and brush. Must be very weird and funny spectacle for the local people, it was enough to get attention. Actually it was hard to keep painting because people keep asking us like this

“What is this mean?”

“I want to know the ending”

“I understand this symbol like this, is it correct?”

Suddenly one guy read the sentence with very loud voice and started discussing with his friends. Bingoooo!!! This is what I am dreaming about ♥

nats 02

nats 03

It is not finished yet, but I’m sure I will send you a nice updates in next few days.

As the end, I share very inspiring TED Talk by French artist JR. Hope you like it.


Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.”

Henri Matisse

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Light in Art
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