Light in Art pt. 2 – update from Natsuko and Emiliano

Hello, everyone!! Wah gwan? Here is update about school wall painting. The first process of sketch was very tough for us because our projector somehow changed the proportion in every 10 minutes (Imagine you almost finish everything, and then start from the first part again). And after fixing the problems, rain came!! Even with those problems, we made a great job at the end. I learned to be flexible and gained optimistic mind that laughing problems away. During the painting, something caught my mind. Lots of local people asked us “why you don’t put eyes on the kid?” our answer was “Maybe you can put your eyes with imagination, this kid can be everyone”. Then people thought for a while staring the wall. These conversations were very special during the process, because with the questions spectators made themselves, we could saw that art can be a very good tool to remind people their power to develop a deeper interpretation of what is in front of them. You can see the whole process with this video made by Emiliano.


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Light in Art pt. 2 – update from Natsuko and Emiliano
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