Life in RVA – Lina’s perspective

The south of the Caribbean sea, where the St. Vincent Island is, is very hot. Very hot. And it is getting hotter and hotter, each day, because of the global warming.

In RVA we work hard. Very hard. We perspire from all pores… We are tired, so tired… We almost forget about changing the world…

-This work never ends! – we think – I want the beach! I want a shower! I want…

And, suddenly, it happens! A gorgeous rain!

I look around. All the things are getting happier, the flowers, the leaves, the horses, the birds, Millo the dog, the little cat… and we rinse our sweat with the rain drops! I immediately remember the song: ”Raindrops keep falling on my head…” I keep singing in my mind and in my heart.

– Wow, how nice it is! How happy I am now!!!

But, in only few minutes, the rain is over, and we are sad again, because it will be so hot, and we will be so sweaty… and this work is so hard…

And then it appears!

A glorious rainbow! With all its colours, crossing the sky! So wonderful! And the change happens again. Nobody is sad anymore. We all know that after the rain there still is a rainbow. And we are all working so that it can always be so!

And we know that after rain there still is a rainbow, and after sadness there still is hope!

This is the life in RVA.


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Life in RVA – Lina’s perspective
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