Life at the Academy

Life at The Academy

Richmond Vale Academy, is a school unlike any school you know. Yes, obviously you have to learn things. But the topics to be learned in this school are about climate change, global warming, poverty, permaculture, etc.

But also in this school you can enjoy extracurricular activities such as: hiking the volcano, walking through the waterfalls, doing sports, going to the beach, having cultural nights (where for example you will taste food from all countries), welcome parties and much more...!

So, in this section you can enjoy from the perspective of each student, what it is to live in the academy and maybe, you get so excited that you will join us to have this great experience!

These are the latest news from our Life at The Academy:

Delightful and Irresistible Vincy Cuisine at the RVA

Delightful and Irresistible Vincy Cuisine at the RVA

The delightful and irresistible Vincy Cuisine that we eat at Richmond Vale Academy (RVA), is inspired by our longtime friend and activist Empress Modupe Olufunmi-Jacobs’ amazing recipes. Vincy Cuisine Empress Modupe Olufunmi-Jacobs cook with an eclectic compilation of mainly vegetarian Caribbean recipes that Haitian-born Rastafarian activist and chef Empress hasRead more