The Common Meeting

It is the Common Meeting that governs the school.

Common meetings are used for discussing and working out the detailed contents of the program elements and the particular methods with which to get the most out of the topics and actions. This secures that the program is continually realized and brought further within and among the students, and also serves to assist and bring along those of the students or groups who need good advice or comments to their work.

The school’s Common Meeting unites everyone, with the headmaster in the lead and with all teachers and students participating. The meeting treats many issues of the school and is part of planning the process, courses and results of the learning and teaching, as well as the daily life of the school and the immediate future to look forward to. Meeting points also comprise the different lines of necessary and instructive practical work to be done, so everything functions to standard. Such tasks must be performed to a high level of quality, so the vivid training at school is supplemented by attaining a thorough level of quality in the everyday life while moving through the program.