Kid’s Day


       The day before was dedicated to the preparations.  Food for snacks, toys and balls for playing, material for handicrafts, paper and pencils for drawing, make up to paint faces and a lot of creativity.  Everything ready, all set in the packed things. There was an expectation in the air. Everybody likes kid’s day!

Play with children is always back to our own childhood and bring good memories for all.

The very sunny and hot Saturday finally arrived, and everything was ready.  We climbed the small truck and accommodate all packages.  After a short drive, we get the Traumaca School, and started to tidy up the place.  Soon the kids arrived.

They came alone (here, the children can walk alone in small towns).  The older children take care of the smallest. Girls are vain, very well dressed and  combed, with many hair braiding  and boys wearing own clothes to play football.  Very pretty and nice children!

I was in a charge of drawing with them and took some animal figures to serve as a model. I know that children love to draw, but I never expected such a success!

A lot of little children came to my table, at first only the small girls, as I expected, but little by little, boys and  older children also came and made beautiful drawings. The table was a small one,  but they all shared the space, the pencils and the snaks when it arrived, cordially,  without any fight!

Kids Day Troumaca 02

The older brothers gave the food to the minor in a very endearing way. I much admired their good behave! And after they finish the draw, I took some photos.

I talked with Miss Joetta Cline who is psicologist and works in the school, and she promised to keep the pictures and hang them in the wall, so that all children can see and show their work.

The face painting and the handicraft table was a big success too! And all the boys love to play football!

Kids Day Troumaca 13


This way, the afternoon passed by so quickly and so happily!

It would be very nice if we have a kid’s day every week! It could be a good way to start a more complete educational work, at first whit the children, and then with their parents,  with the teachers, and step by step we could work with all the population of the town, and  talk about all the issues that we learn in RVA.

Kids Day Troumaca 01

Written by Lina Cintra

Kid’s Day

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