Jazzy Organics – making organic soap with Vincy ingredients – interview by Lina

Jasmin Deane “Jazzy” is a Single businesswoman who lives with her mom and brother.

Jasmin is the owner of a small manufacturing business called Jazzy Organics, she is assistedJazzy Organics by a few part time employees, a teenager during the school vacations and also her neighbors in the community of Calder where she lives. She makes organic products, like soaps, lotions, creams, deodorants, healing salves, lip balms, candles, liquid soaps – all organic. She uses ingredients of the nature to make them, since they are healthier for the skin, for the body and for the environment than the chemical products.

Read Lina’s interview with Jasmin “Jazzy” below

RVA: When and why did you start to make soap?

Jazzy: I started making soaps about two years ago. I prefer to be an entrepreneur as most of my family are and I love the freedom and flexibility it gives. I was praying for an idea of what I can do and something that I had a passion for and so God gave me the Idea to make organic soaps. Then I started to research and found we can use a lot of plants, herbs and trees here in SVG. So I made the first one and my friends and family began using it and they loved it; then they would purchase it from me and so the word began to spread of healing effects of Jazzy Organics soaps, and that they do really help restore the skin and are so much better for the environment.

Do you sell a lot? Is it a good business?

It’s a good business for me because I have a passion for it and enjoy the good reviews I get. Yes, I sell every week in town opposite the Post office and in 3 Supermarkets here: Super and Save a Lot. Im also on Facebook and I do have a website Jazzyorganics.com where I take online sales.

Is it enough for you? Are you happy with this way of living?

In SVG you have to diversify to make a proper living so that’s what I am doing. Yes I am happy with doing things organic and practicing this lifestyle and I hope it will continue to be informative to Vincentians to buy more organic products.

How do you organize your time? Is it difficult?

Hard work brings success and nothing in life is easy, you just have to plan each day and set some goals and of course I have the support from friends and family.

What would be your advice to other Vincy women?

As a woman and young entrepreneur, I would say that nothing is impossible with God. And if you have a dream, go for it! Work hard also be creative. Don’t give up!

We are trying to do organic liquid detergent in RVA. What do you have to say to us?

I think it’s a good idea. I have never done the liquid detergent but any assistance I can do to help accomplish it once I do know how I would help.

Don’t worry, we don’t want to make any products that you make! We want just an organic liquid detergent to wash dishes and clothes… to use in the kitchen and in the laundry.

Well… I never tried it! But I can research a formula, with organic products and if I get it, I will contact you.

Nice! You will give us a class about it!

Yes, once I am available.

Thank you Jazzy! Thank you very much!

And always smiling, Jazzy gave her contacts: Jazzyorganics.com and jazzy84@hotmail.com

Jazzy Organics – making organic soap with Vincy ingredients – interview by Lina
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