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The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 - 2021

A brief summary  


With a ten years’ perspective, Richmond Vale Academy launched its St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference in March 2012, aiming at forming the future of St. Vincent into that of being a climate compliant country, one of the first of its kind globally.

The Climate Compliance Conference is a new kind of environmental movement aiming for a nation that is food secure with mostly organic food, carbon neutral and ready for climate change.

We are not ready for climate change and it is a threat to a secure future. 

This year started with a big natural catastrophe caused extreme weather in the form of a very heavy rainfall. 50 000 people were left without public water, hundreds of people were in shelters and several people died in flooding and accidents related to landslides.

St. Vincent is ranked the 2nd most disaster prone country in the world and looking ahead we can see an even more pressing need for making St. Vincent Climate Compliant thus ready for Climate Change. Clearly we are not ready as the centralized water and electricity systems collapse as extreme weather due to climate change strike. Uncontrolled deforestation leads to landslides and blockage of drains and rivers which leads to flooding. Few people on the main island have solar panels and water harvesting systems and as roads and bridges collapse local food production is necessary.

Everyone at the Academy worked tirelessly trying to help as much as we could restoring the public water in North Leeward together with the local water authority. We also helped several families clean out their houses and at the same time keep everything running at our campus.

We had originally planned to plant trees between Christmas, and new years eve, but obviously had to put this one hold. However in the middle of January, we managed anyway to carry though out the planned tree planting campaign and handed out 6000 Moringa Tress across the island. We reached our total target of 10 000 trees. The Climate Compliance Team hit the road and travelled across the island and meet hundreds of people who were ready to plant “their own” tree.


The initial tree planting campaign has been very successful and is followed up by special action with the global competition “Treelympics” organized by ENO – Environment Online. This is a competition between all nations in the world to plant 100 million trees before 2017, a target set at the RIO +20 in Brazil a couple of years ago. We are the Academy are working together with the Ministry of Environment and help to register all the schools in St. Vincent before the deadline 22nd of May. Before the 24th of October, thousands of students will get lessons on tree planting and also plant trees in a special action. There are around 100 schools in St. Vincent and we are competing the Treelympics category of the highest percentage of schools participating. We are going for gold!

We all engaged in a few other important projects like setting up a model garden outside Kingstown with the Inivershall Rastafari Movement, completing of a playground at Fitz Hughes Government School of recycling materials and held an open Saturday with guest from around the island.  

We are currently busy with setting up Bio Char, Vermicompost, developing a recycling garden, producing movies, blogs, setting up beehives, making butter, cheese and make a big water reservoir here on campus.


Since the start of the Climate Compliance Conference in 2012

- 50 international activists have come to St. Vincent to join the conference
- 15 Vincentias have been granted full scholarships to join the conference

- 500 people from St. Vincent have come to workshops at the Academy

- Lessons on climate compliance have been taught to hundreds of children in North Leeward

- 10 000 Moringa Trees have been planted

- 9.4 Tons of Trash has been removed from rivers, beaches and streets in North Leeward

- 20 lessons on climate compliance have been taught at Belle Isle Prison

- 3 of 10 Model gardens around the islands have been set up and identified

- A playground of recycling materials has been built at Fitz Hughes Government School

- 30 Radio and TV Programs have been aired on climate compliance

- Richmond Vale Academy has become a model for sustainability in St. Vincent.


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