Meet the students!


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Students come from 20 different countries in Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, North America and Europe!



Yagna Rakshat, India: "Rakshak means savior in Hindi, I feel it's my duty to act and to live with the responsibility according ot the name given to me. This would characterize the morality as a human being. There is no limits or borders which could stop me for serving to this planet earth. That's the reason why I am here."


Mahsa Boorboor, Iran: "I was an Iranian carpet designer and had a very good job in my country. But I was always thinking there were alot of people in the world that they don't have necessary things to live. So here I am to learn the basic knowledge about health, agriculture, livestock raising, global warming,... In this way, I can offer hands-on information to the local people and the program in South America."


SeulBee Lee, South Korea: "I was studying child welfare in university, I want to go to Ecuador and work for children. It is easy for people to forget that children also have rights, and that is the reason why I want to work with them. I know we cannot change the whole world at once, but important thing is we are trying to do something here all together. In this way we are going to make a change."  



Articles written by Students

"The best year of my life"
by Tjasa Zupanc, Slovenia 

"Pioneer in the First GAIA Team" by Seulbee Lee, South Korea

"How I learned to live and love my life" by Judit Szep, Hungary