I was a follower – I am an Activist now – Mahsa

“My name is Mahsa, I am here in Richmond Vale Academy since June 2012,I believe the last two years was the best time of my life. Living together, eating, cleaning, learning, growing our own food and trying to be self sufficient, be with others, feel responsible for myself  and others, support others makes me a different person ,every day learning and being aware what is happening all around the world give me awareness, this awareness gives me more motivation to try more and learn more.

The time I came here I knew there is unfairness all around the world, but I did not have any answer for the question that might be most of people’s question “what can we do?”   I found my answer here.Together we have the power to change,to bring fair,together nothing is impossible.


I Become a new person here ,I am confident ,I am brave, I have a voice , I can stand for my right, I can stand for others rights, I feel proud and satisfied of being .

I become a new person, I am following my heart and answer for unfairness around the world .

I was a follower ,I become an activist here

I am an activist now.”

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I was a follower – I am an Activist now – Mahsa
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