Healthy Soil, Planet, People Festival

Richmond Vale Academy is involved in organisation of two-weeks-long festival that celebrates organic farming, local food, healthy environment and biodiversity. The festival is coordinated by Alliance-Française St-Vincent with cooperation of Chatoyer Gardens and RVA.

Our students have prepared numerous posters to be displayed in the venue; the topics include: permaculture, healthy food, farming organic and local, recycling, GMO, healthy soils, oceans and biogas. We will host 5 events per day for secondary school students from all over the island. The events will include showing of a short documentary movie and a debate. We will also visit schools that cannot come and present similar programs. The students will be asked to prepare posters, based on what they’ve learned, for international March Against Monsanto which in Kingstown will take place on Friday, May 22nd. If yo don’t know about Monsanto or why you would march against the company, you can learn a lot from the above website.

The Opening Ceremony is Monday, May 11th in Kingstown, SVG at 6:30 p.m. During the ceremony there will be showing of a movie “Open Sesame – The Story of Seeds”.

If you want to learn about the well-being of our planet, how to eat and live healthy and without disrupting the environment, come to Kingstown between May 11 and 21 or read more on our blog or new website – You can also check if there’s a March Against Monsanto coming up in your city.


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Healthy Soil, Planet, People Festival
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