Q: What is the age requirement?

A: You need to be at 18 years old. There is no upper limit as long as you are reasonable fit.

Q: What is the average age of the participants?

A: Students of all ages join our programs, from 18 up till 72. The average age of our students is between 25 and 35.

Q: What is an A-certificate?

A: An A-certificate equals a third Bachelor in “Fighting with The Poor”. You study 1500 hours and it gives 60 credits with ISET / One World University.

Q: How do you fly to St. Vincent?

A: From Europe – fly to London Gatwick and then with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic to Barbados. From Barbados (Bridgetown) you fly with LIAT www.liat.com to St. Vincent (ET Joshua Airport)

From Korea – fly to Canada, then to Barbados and then to St. Vincent with LIAT
From Brazil – fly with GOL from Sao Paolo to Barbados, then to St. Vincent with LIAT

From USA – fly to Puerto Rico (San Juan) or Barbados, then to St. Vincent with LIAT
From Colombia – fly to Panama/Trinidad or Curacao and then to St. Vincent with LIAT.

It is also possible to fly to another Caribbean state like Grenada, Trinidad, Curacao, Martinique, Antigua, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia or Dominican Republic and from any of these islands fly withwww.liat.com to St. Vincent.

Q: Do you have Internship Positions?

A: Yes, Richmond Vale Academy co-operates with other universities.  For example students of Environmental Engeneering Programs can do the 1 or 6 months Climate Compliance Conference Program as part of their education, and receive credits from their university.

 Q: What are the frames of the school?

The frames of the school are no drugs and no alcohol.

In order to ensure the best possible conditions for the programs, we have set frames regarding alcohol and drug use while in the program.

– Nobody who participates in a course can take alcohol, while in the program.
– Nobody who participates in a course can be involved with euphoriant or narcotic substances.

The frames applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q – Are sundays off?

No, the program is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Q – Which holidays will I have off if any?

There are no holidays off. For holidays such as Christmas you will participate community projects. 

Q – Are there any breaks during the program?

No, the program is constructed to be highly intensive so that students may accomplish as much as possible during their time at RVA.

Q – Do I need to apply for a visa before I arrive?

Upon admittance you will receive an acceptance letter from RVA. You will need to present this letter to customs upon arrival in Saint Vincent. After one month you will fill out a visa extension application which will be provided by the school.

If you are a citizen of the following 8 countries YOU MUST OBTAIN A VISA in advance:

  • China
  • Dominican Republic
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Nigeria
  • Syria

Q – Should I get travel vaccinations before my travels? Which vaccines are recommended for my destination?

Vaccination recommendations can differ based on where you are traveling from. Place refer to vaccination guidelines provided by your country.

Q – Does the program offer health coverage?

Richmond Vale Academy does not provide health coverage. Please acquire your own policy before traveling to Saint Vincent. For those traveling to Belize or Ecuador, health coverage is provided only for your 6 month service period with Humana People to People and not during your time at Richmond Vale Academy.

Q – Can I bring a pet with me?

While we do have some animals here at the school, we ask that you do not bring your pet (unless it is a Service Animal).  

Q – Will I have to share a room?

It is possible that you will have to share a dormitory room with one other person.

Q – Do I need to bring anything to furnish my room (sheets, pillow, etc.)?

The rooms are furnished with two twin beds/pillows, a desk, shelving space and curtains. Please bring your own sheets and pillow case.  

Q – What kind of activities can I do during my free time?

There is a lot of wonderful nature around the school. During your free time you can go for hikes, walks, visit the beach or the rivers, and various other activities.

Q – Can I have visitors while I am at the school?

Yes, but you have to first make an agreement with your team regarding dates, duration of stay, etc. While visitors are welcome it is important that they do not interfere with your studies or your ability to fully participate in the program.

Q – I am a vegetarian/vegan. Does the school provide meals that meet these dietary restrictions?

Yes, every meal will contain vegetarian and/or vegan options based on the needs of the students.

Q – Will my cellphone work while I am at the school?

This depends on your phone/service. Most people at the school are able to use WI-FI on their smart phones.

Q – Do we have school program during the weekends?

Yes, there are school activities and classes on Saturdays. Typically Sundays are a free day but group activities are strongly encouraged. We also have a Building Weekend once a month where all students are required to work on various projects around the school through the weekend and are then given the following Monday off.

Q – How far away is the nearest town?

The nearest town, Chateaubelair, is 5.5 kilometers away. This is about a 30-40 minute walk or a 10 minute drive from the school.

Q – How far away is the nearest hospital/medical services?

There is a small hospital in Chateaubelair, 5.5 kilometers away, and a larger facility in Kingstown which is about an hour and half drive away from the school.


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