Q: What is the age requirement?

A: You need to be at 18 years old. There is no upper limit as long as you are reasonable fit.

Q: What is the average age of the participants?

A: Students of all ages join our programs, from 18 up till 66. The average age of our students is between 25 and 35.

Q: What is an A-certificate?

A: An A-certificate equals a third Bachelor in “Fighting with The Poor”. You study 1500 hours and it gives 60 credits with ISET / One World University.

Q: How do you fly to St. Vincent?

A: From Europe – fly to London Gatwick and then with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic to Barbados. From Barbados (Bridgetown) you fly with LIAT www.liat.com to St. Vincent (ET Joshua Airport)

From Korea – fly to Canada, then to Barbados and then to St. Vincent with LIAT
From Brazil – fly with GOL from Sao Paolo to Barbados, then to St. Vincent with LIAT

From USA – fly to Puerto Rico (San Juan) or Barbados, then to St. Vincent with LIAT
From Colombia – fly to Panama/Trinidad or Curacao and then to St. Vincent with LIAT.

It is also possible to fly to another Caribbean state like Grenada, Trinidad, Curacao, Martinique, Antigua, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia or Dominican Republic and from any of these islands fly withwww.liat.com to St. Vincent.

Q: Do you have Internship Positions?

A: Yes, Richmond Vale Academy co-operates with other universities.  For example students of Environmental Engeneering Programs can do the 1 or 6 months Climate Compliance Conference Program as part of their education, and receive credits from their university.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If you have paid your schoolfees and do not start the program, the fees are refunded minus an administration fee of 10%.
Once you have started the program, either the Climate Compliance Program or The Fighting with The Poor Program and two months have passed. There is No Refund.

Q: What are the frames of the school?

The frames of the school are no drugs and no alcohol.

In order to ensure the best possible conditions for the programs, we have set frames regarding alcohol and drug use while in the program.

– Nobody who participates in a course can take alcohol, while in the program.
– Nobody who participates in a course can be involved with euphoriant or narcotic substances.

The frames applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q – Are sundays off?

No, the program is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q – Is there a (Christmas/New Years) holiday during the program?

No, but sometimes teams agree to go on nature hikes and island hikes together.
All program elements are agreed in common in the team.

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