ENO Treelympics 2015

Who? Environment Online – ENO

When? Rio +20 Summit in 2012

Why? To fight climate change.

What? Plant 1,000,000 trees all over the world.

How? With your help!

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Those are the ideals behind the ENO Treelympics initiative. Treelympics – the olympic games in treeplanting. But let’s start from the beginning.

ENO is a global network for sustainable development – educational initiative working with over 7,000 schools in 147 countries. During 2012 Rio +20 Summit ENO has committed to planting 1,000,000 trees with the schools by the end of 2017.

Since then, the ENO Treelympics was started in order to unite activists all over the world to register schools and associations all over the world in a competition of treeplanting. Everyone can join in and score points for their country, placing it closer to the top. And as any competition Treelympics have the winners, too! There are 3 categories:

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Most registered schools – for a country with the biggest number of schools participating in the competition,

Most planted trees – for a country that plants the biggest number of trees,

Most active country – for a country that registers the biggest rate of schools.

The games have their specified time – this year (it’s the 2nd edition) it’s from 21 March to 24 October. Only between those dates can you register your schools and have them plant the trees. Trees planted outside of those days will not be counted towards the competition but are still counting towards fighting deforestation!

The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment in collaboration with The Ministry of Education invited Richmond Vale Academy as an implementing partner to plant trees with all our schools. As we’ve been planting trees for years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve embraced that challenge with particular interest. The competition aspect of the event brought even more excitement, and… we did it! By the end of the first edition Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have involved the biggest percentage (99%) of the schools in the country and won a gold medal in the Most Active Country category, among 114 countries that took part. Not only did we involve all the schools on the main island of St Vincent but we also sent activists to all smaller islands in the Grenadines archipelago until almost all of them were officially registered and given the trees to plant. The trees planted were mostly Moringa, as well as received from the Ministry of Forestry monago, avocado and other varieties. On average each school has planted 15 trees.


So what about 2015? Well, we are in the game already. We are registering schools now and preparing the details. Last year’s success is getting attention from our partners willing to cover some costs; we are choosing the most suitable (local) trees and preparing the seedlings, we’re also preparing educational materials. For us the Treelympics is not only about planting, but also about educating, so all of the schools taking part in the action (about 100) are going to receive a climate activist giving classes about deforestation, climate change and importance of trees as well as other actions that students can take by themselves to make their nation climate compliant.


Richmond Vale Academy wishes to acknowledge and thank our generous partners, all the schools involved and countless Vincentian activists helping with the actions.

And last but not least, the students from Vincy schools who are planting and learning to take care of the trees.

Watch our Treelympics 2014 video here.

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ENO Treelympics 2015
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