Earth Day 2015 at RVA

Tomorrow – June 5th – is the World Environment Day. Here’s a reminder of how we celebrated the Earth Day, a bit more than one month ago.

Every year since 1970 (yes for 45 years already!) on the 22nd of April, a very special event takes place worldwide: the Earth Day, the one global day of the year dedicated to supporting environmental protection and celebrating the miracles of nature.

Also us at Richmond Vale Academy have already deeply rooted a tradition to celebrate this unique day, with a big Open Day event, where we invite everyone to join us in celebration and learning.

This year, the students from the November Climate team, hand in hand with everyone else at the school, organized an incredible day in the end of April, also celebrating the ending of their 6-month program.

Every year we prepare for a full house and always it’s a little bit waiting and wondering for how many people will actually show up … and this year the turnout was simply astonishing! More than 300 people came to visit the Academy!

The RVA students had prepared an exhibition of posters on a variety of climate-related topics. An exhibition of the work of our students in Belize was set-up and videos and lectures on Climate Change were available for everyone to join. Games and drumming sessions were organized for the many children joining in.

OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) came with an exhibition on Climate Change adaptation, as a part of their campaign to communicate climate change. Hundred of people got access to new information on the topic.

Local entrepreneurs came to display their local and organic products; a wide variety of products were available for everyone to get to know. Local drumming groups were not only entertaining the audience but also teaching how to make drums. Local organic products such as soaps, honey, coconut oil and herbs were available for testing. The local coffee producer was there, local artists were displaying painted calabashes, shoemakers came to show their local products and a stand about making moringa powder was frequently visited.

A wonderful day it was, definitely hectic and chaotic for us organizing (serving food for 300 people at a time is not a piece of cake, and neither is ensuring that everyone has a good time).

We do think however, that everyone who celebrated with us has enjoyed and went home with newly gained knowledge and good memories of Earth Day 2015! We will have those definitely, and one thing is for sure: The Earth is well worth celebrating and we better do it big!!

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Earth Day 2015 at RVA
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